Nurse Resume Format, Layout, and Sample

Updated on: March 25, 2022

The healthcare profession is one of the noblest professions on earth especially if you are a nurse.

Nursing is a fast-growing profession that employs thousands of individuals each year.

Nurses provide direct care by providing patients with advanced care and ensuring that they are given the right medicines at the right time.

Apart from administering medication, nurses are also responsible for managing IVs and assisting doctors during surgeries.

How to Write a Great Resume for Nurse Position?

A resume for a nursing position is a concise document that contains information about your relevant attributes, qualifications, accomplishments, education, and skills.

The prospective employer naturally tries to find relevant keywords in the resume to decide if the candidate is competent enough for the position.

It doesn’t mean that you overstuff your resume with keywords.

The secret of writing an effective resume is to use the healthcare terminology which might be found in the job description provided by the employer.

Your resume must convey how you will benefit the prospective facility or healthcare setting.

Nurse Resume Format

• Choose a simple format and use bullet points to convey essential information.

• Your resume should be well-organized: It needs a perfect flow and tells a history of your employment, education, qualifications, and skill set.

• Write in reverse chronological order when listing professional and education history.

• Standard bullets like ( ‘-‘or ‘•’) are fine. Any special type of bullets can be difficult to read by computer or scanner.

• Make use of present tense verbs for current jobs and past tense verbs for previous experiences.

Nurse Resume Layout

• Use the same type and size of font throughout your resume.

• Use plenty of white space and maintain your margins.

• Do not print in color. Use only black ink to print and avoid any graphics.

• Do not use borders, shading, or symbols.

• Stick to standard and plain fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Sans Serif, Tahoma, or Trebuchet.

Nurse Resume Example

Elizabeth Anderson
2870 Hemingway Drive
Piermont, NH 35353
(000) 973-4174

(Critical Care / Medical / Oncology)

Dedicated and energetic registered nurse with 9+ years of diverse healthcare experience. Recognized by managers, staff, and faculty for team orientation, high-level critical thinking, and commitment to excellence. 

• Designing and implementing individual health plans
• Providing both emotional and informational support to patients and families
• Assessing patients with a special focus on positive outcomes
• Performing therapeutic, medical, and diagnostic procedures

Current Registered Nurse License – New Hampshire

• Monitoring vital signs
• Ventilated patients’ care
• Patient assessment
• Medical charts maintenance
• Medication administration
• Cardiac monitoring
• Blood specimens’ collection
• Patient/family education
• Oxygen therapy
• Exams and treatment
• EKGs and x-rays


Registered Nurse
Capital Health, Piermont, NH
2008 – Present
• Establish a protocol to identify patient care requirements to formulate individualized care plans.
• Provided extensive training to nursing staff to assist them in establishing a compassionate environment for patients.
• Provide direct patient care; assist in overcoming personal challenges like bathing and grooming.
• Record and assess patients’ vitals.
• Implement an individually focused plan of care.
• Observe patients for changes in condition and modify care plans accordingly.
• Assist in performing diagnostic tests.
• Manage medical emergencies such as heart attacks and accidents.

Staff Nurse
Capital Health, Piermont, NH
2007 – 2008
• Held several seminars to educate nursing professionals in promoting patient independence by instituting patient care goals.
• Planned effective healthcare provisions led to the execution of quality care service.
• Handled primary care tasks such as dressing, bathing, grooming, and feeding.
• Ensured that patients are conforming to the set treatment plans.
• Assisted patients to and from medical procedure rooms.
• Operated and maintained medical examination equipment.
• Took and logged patients’ vitals.
• Managed patients records.
• Observed patients for inconsistency and reported findings to the nurse or doctor.

Associate Degree in Nursing (NLNAC Accredited) 
Piermont Nursing College, Piermont, NH 

CPR and BLS Certified

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