Pressure Washer Resume Sample

Updated on: June 26, 2022

When creating a resume for a pressure washer position, make sure that it conforms to the specifics of the advert that you are responding to.

Here is a sample resume for you:

Pressure Washer Resume Example

Caleb Fisher
12 Benmont Avenue
Bennington, VT 58021
(000) 877-5214
calebfisher @ email . com


Passionate pressure washer with extensive comprehension of operating and maintaining high-pressure cleaning equipment and machines. A customer service-oriented individual, with an exceptional ability to ensure satisfaction, bringing in additional business.

• Adept at operating pressure washer machinery safely and effectively to clean a variety of services.
• Able to perform both preventative and general maintenance on pressure washing machines, following established procedures.
• Highly experienced in using degreasers and removal chemicals to prepare surfaces for intense cleaning.
• Well-versed in assisting with construction work and post-cleaning duties, in a bid to provide support to workers in meeting tight deadlines.

✓ Debris Removal ✓ Scheduled Cleaning
✓ Concrete Preparation ✓ Sanitation Practices
✓ Hazardous Waste Removal ✓ Preventative Maintenance
✓ Wash Guns Operations ✓ Pumps Tending
✓ Construction Support ✓ Buffing Assistance
✓ Biosecurity Safety ✓ Equipment Operation

• Singlehandedly cleaned a vast work area using high-pressure equipment, just in time for construction teams’ arrival.
• Suggested implementation of preventative maintenance work on pressure washers, increasing their life and utility by 55%.
• Trained six apprentices in safely and efficiently handling and operating pressure wash guns, as part of their training practice.
• Concocted an organic degreaser, which proved to be 85% more efficient than the chemical one already in use.


Pressure Washer
Perkins Pacific, Bennington, VT 
8/2012 – Present
• Assess surfaces and equipment to determine what type of chemicals and equipment will be required to clean them
• Calibrate pressure washers to ensure that they are in proper working order, and test them at the beginning of each shift
• Clear surfaces to be cleaned with pressure washers or guns by removing debris from them
• Apply degreasers to ensure that pressure cleaning efficacy can be increased
• Operate pressure washers and guns to wash surfaces and ensure that shampoo/detergent dispensers are properly handled
• Perform further detailing on cleaned surfaces to ensure that the result is according to standards
• Ensure that all pressure washing equipment and tools are properly maintained and stored in safe areas
• Assist construction workers with their work including erecting scaffolding and preparing areas for construction work

General Worker
NMC Cleaners, Bennington, VT
2/2009 – 5/2012
• Assisted in setting up and operating pressure washing machines including guns, hoses, pumps, and wands
• Mixed degreasing chemicals in appropriate quantities by following established safety protocols
• Poured degreasers and industrial cleaners onto surfaces and assisted in operating pressure washing machines to clean them
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance of pressure washing machinery and tools

High School Diploma
Bennington High School, Bennington, VT