Car Detailer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: November 8, 2019
Position Overview

Car detailers are hired by auto dealers and rental companies to ensure neat and clean interior and exterior of cars.

They are responsible for the overall care and maintenance of cars.

In fact, a car detailer is not a car cleaner – car detailing involves a thorough cleaning of both the interior and the exterior of a car.

It is their job to make sure that new cars do not have a scratch on them and that when sold, they look as if they have just been taken out of the factory.

Some of the duties that a car detailer performs in a typical workday include:

Sample Job Description for Car Detailer Resume

• Assess cars to determine the need for cleaning and maintenance.

• Run vehicles through automatic car washes or wash down cars by hand, especially in hard to reach places.

• Clean wheels, rims, and mudguards using a correct and safe mixture of soap and water.

• Look for small dents and scratches and undertake measures to minimize them.

• Ensure that all windows are rolled up properly prior to car washing.

• Change rubbers on wipers on a regular basis.

• Shampoo and vacuum carpets, seats and other upholstery inside the vehicle.

• Remove grease and stains using specialized grease removers and brushes.

• Wax, buff and polish car interior and exteriors and remove any swirls found in the process.

• Clean engines and engine components using steam cleaning equipment.

• Apply revitalizers and preservation agents to leather surfaces to preserve and protect them.

• Verify that appropriate sticker such as number plates are attached to the vehicle and are not damaged or chipped.

• Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and ensure procurement of supplies when inventory runs low.

• Assist in local automobile deliveries and test runs.

• Take and follow orders perfectly.

• Work with coworkers in a team-oriented environment.