6 School Janitor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: January 4, 2021

Once you are at the interview stage, there is no turning back. You have to move forward, for which you need a lot of preparation. For a school janitor position, have a look at the following set of interviews questions and answers:

School Janitor Interview Questions and Answers

1. As a school janitor, what have been your core duties in the past?

I am presently working in a school where the need for janitorial services is quite high, due to the expanse of the campus. While working here, I have been actively involved in cleaning surfaces, by performing sweeping and mopping activities, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, washing windows, dusting the furniture in offices, classrooms, and common areas, inspecting premises to determine additional cleaning needs, and overseeing the supplies and equipment inventory.

2. What kind of skills does one need to work successfully as a school janitor?

The first thing that one needs is knowledge of performing cleaning work, as it applies to schools. The ability to mix and use safe amounts of chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing purposes is also required. In addition to this, it is imperative for school janitors to be able to perform routine maintenance work, so that the school remains in good shape.

3. What is your take on safety?

I have always been a careful, yet thorough individual. Ever since I began working in a school capacity, this thoroughness became even more profound. I take safety very seriously, especially since there are children involved. And over the years, I have made many measures to ensure that students do not slip and fall on wet floors, or have access to dangerous cleaning chemicals.

4. What is your most significant achievement in the role of a school janitor?

The school where I am presently working went through a terrible financial crisis last year. Everyone in the administration did their bit to manage things. I suggested making my cleaning and sanitizing solution, which ended up reducing the maintenance bill by 52%! It was a huge achievement for me.

5. Name one thing about the work of a janitor that you do not like.

There isn’t anything about this work that I dislike. I enjoy the work immensely, and since I am so good at it, there remains no room for disliking it.

6. Where do you see yourself five years from now, professionally speaking?

I am still learning the ropes, and hope to have developed sufficient expertise within the next five years, to be able to be promoted to the position of the janitorial head.