Radiologic Technologist Resume Sample

Updated on: April 4, 2019

Resume samples on the internet will give you great ideas on how to write your own.

But most of them are not as structured as one would like them to be.



How to Write a Radiologic Technologist Resume?

  1. Start with a concise summary statement.
  2. Use a Radiologic Technologist Objective only if you are an entry-level candidate or career changer.
  3. Mention your career highlights.
  4. Create a separate section for your Radiologic Technologist skills.
  5. Focus on your professional accomplishments.
  6. Mention only relevant experiences.
  7. Write your educational information at the end.



Here is a properly structured Radiologic Technologist resume sample to help you along.


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Radiologic Technologist Resume Sample



Elijah Wood
580 Jade Road, Lawrence, KS 57613
(000) 999-9999


Resourceful and diligent Radiologic Technologist with 7+ years of experience of working in radiologic technology. Highly skilled in performing invasive and non-invasive procedures on patients, keeping them comfortable, and safe at all times.


  • Demonstrated expertise in performing patient intake duties to determine histories and medical concerns.
  • Effectively able to check referrals for appropriate study, and follow up with referring physicians.
  • Familiar with guiding patients through radiologic procedures, ensuring their well-being and safety.
  • Experienced in calibrating and operating complex radiographic machines, to perform core radiologic procedures.


– Referral Checking – Patient Education – Machine Calibration
– Imaging Procedures – Reporting – Patient Care
– Follow-up Information – Patient Wellbeing  – Coordinated Care
– Quality Control – Records Keeping – Emergency Response


  • Wrote an educational booklet on what to expect from radiological scans, resulting in increased patient awareness.
  • Introduced the concept of coordinated care, which proved to be exceptionally workable for high-risk patients.
  • Maintained quality of radiological results and reports, through proper maintenance of equipment and machines.
  • Implemented a novel machine calibration system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already in place.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                              

Radiologic Technologist
Patient First, Lawrence, KS | 2015-Present

  • Greet patients as they arrive, and engage them in conversation to make them comfortable.
  • Look through patients’ files to determine their medical histories and conditions.
  • Provide patients with information on what to expect before, during, and after the test.
  • Assist patients in changing into gowns to make them ready for radiologic procedures.
  • Position patients on x-ray tables, or against walls, to ensure proper exposures.
  • Set up and calibrate machines at the beginning of each shift, and report any problems or breakdowns.
  • Operate radiologic machines to perform exposures, according to doctors’ instructions.
  • Prepare reports on exposed films, and provide doctors with information on any significant findings.
  • Perform preventative and regular maintenance on radiologic equipment to keep it in a running condition.

Radiologic Aide
Sava Health, Lawrence, KS | 2008-2012

  • Recorded patients’ vitals before each radiologic procedure, as instructed by the technologist.
  • Assisted in the setting up and calibration of radiologic equipment and machines.
  • Provide support to patients throughout each procedure, ensuring their well-being and health.
  • Cleaned and maintained equipment and machines on a regular basis.
  • Created and maintained records of patients, and their radiologic outcomes.

Bachelor of Science in Radiology Technology
Kansas State University, Lawrence, KS



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