Janitress Job Description Sample

Updated on: May 16, 2022
Janitress Job Description

Many organizations now provide equal opportunities for everyone in almost every role. It includes that of a cleaner or a janitress.

Janitresses are hired to attend to an organization or facility’s cleaning and sanitizing needs.

They make sure that the interior and the exterior of their assigned areas are properly cleaned and sanitized.

Also, they ensure that the building’s security is intact and that any report-worthy issues are communicated to the management immediately.

Mostly, janitresses work in a team environment, especially if they are hired in large buildings.

It means that it is imperative for them to work in a team-oriented manner and be able to get along well with other people, especially coworkers who will be doing the same thing as them.

Additionally, they have to be physically active as they need to handle a lot of physically demanding work.

Position Requirements

If working as a janitress is what you want to do, you will need a high school diploma or a GED to qualify.

Since you will be working with dangerous cleaning agents, it is crucial for you to understand how to mix and use them safely.

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Janitress Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Sweep and mop floors in hallways, rooms, and offices by following designated cleaning practices.

• Wash and disinfect bathrooms while ensuring that all supplies such as soap, towels, and toilet paper are replenished.

• Empty trash cans and ashtrays and ensure that all waste materials are properly disposed of.

• Clean and wash windows and glass partitions along with mirrors in bathrooms and corridors.

• Dust furniture and fittings and perform polishing and waxing work on them periodically.

• Take stock of supplies and ensure that cleaning supplies and equipment inventory are appropriately managed.

• Perform lockdown procedures and monitor building security to ensure that it is intact.

• Report any problems such as vandalism to the superior or building manager.

• Clean car parks and sidewalks by removing debris and hazardous materials and erecting warning signs, where required.

• Shovel snow from walks and spread/sprinkle salt or sand on them to make them safe for people to walk on.

• Mow and trim shrubs, trees, and grass and assist grounds-keepers in clearing away leaves and trash.

• Make minor repairs and adjustments to HVAC equipment and assist with plumbing issues.

• Vacuum, steam clean, or shampoo carpets and strip, seal, finish, and polish floors.

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