Janitorial Supervisor Job description and skills for Resume

Updated May 26, 2022
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Position Overview

Janitorial supervisors ensure that the company’s cleanliness and maintenance-related needs are met.

They oversee and supervise all assigned duties of the janitorial staff within the assigned premises.

Janitorial Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure cleaning and maintenance of the assigned building and area.
• Manage the janitorial staff and assign them duties.
• Make shift schedules for the janitorial staff.
• Keep inventory of supplies and periodically check the stock.
• Screen the incoming applicants and suggest personnel for hire.
• Take up and resolve any complaints related to cleanliness, conduct rectifications and recommend dismissals as needed.
• Ensure smooth and orderly running of all cleaning operations.
• Making visits and trips to physically inspect the quality of janitorial work on the assigned premises.
• Ensure that all cleaning equipment, tools, and machinery is maintained and functional.
• Maintain and monitor the janitorial staff attendance record file.
• Train new personnel and educate the staff regarding policies and safety protocols related to the usage of cleaning products.
• Keep track of expiry dates of cleaning products and order accordingly to avoid any wastage.
• Replenish the required supplies, tools, and equipment needed for maintenance and cleaning of assigned premises.
• Suggest any improvements needed in the janitorial service protocols to upgrade the cleaning and maintenance services.
• Maintain daily cleanliness log and fill in inventory report for the same.
• Issue janitorial supplies as per the requirement to the staff and maintain its record.
• Balance the workload of all janitorial staff in case of leave of absence.
• Record and maintain personnel’s data and maintain ample interpersonal relations with the assigned team.
• Keep track of the performance of the staff and maintain their progress reports.
• Recommend promotions and salary raises in light of the staff review reports and data.

Janitorial Supervisor Skills and knowledge

• Keen observation and attention to detail
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Effective team player
• Ability to lift and carry custodial supplies
• Knowledge of the latest cleanliness and maintenance techniques prevalent in the market
• Excellent decision-making skills
• Ability to assign tasks according to the aptitude and expertise of the janitorial staff
• Able to inspect the cleanliness of areas that may require bending or climbing stairs
• Inventory management
• Full range of physical mobility to check and operate cleaning equipment
• Knowhow of cleaning related employee safety protocols
• Willing to work as a team and lead the team of janitorial/ custodial staff.
• Knowledge of safe cleaning products available in the market.

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