Janitorial Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated April 25, 2017

Preparing for an interview for janotorial supervisor position can be as daunting as the interview process itself. Insecurity and lack of confidence are almost always prevalent even if you are not a rookie. Things can become quite tricky if you do not prepare for an interview before you appear for one.

Even if you feel confident that you can ace it in a second, take some time out to prepare for the questions that may be thrown at you out of nowhere. A little bit of extra effort at this point can save you from a lot of grievance at a later stage.

For a janitorial supervisor position, have a look at the following set of interview questions and answers:


Janitorial Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

What exactly have you been doing while working as a janitorial supervisor in the past?
Creating and implementing schedules for janitorial staff members, ensuring that they are provided with the tools and supplies that they need to work with, overseeing janitorial activities to ensure that they confirm to standards and policies, assisting staff members by providing deep insight into handling difficult tasks, making sure that staff training and development needs are fulfilled, and handling recruitment and induction activities have all been part of my work as a janitorial supervisor.

What type of skills does one need in order to work successfully as a janitorial supervisor?
The ability to effectively create and lead a team of janitorial staff members, exceptional organizational skills, deep knowledge of safety precautions and regulations, the capability of providing ongoing training to staff members, and insight into using and maintaining tools and equipment associated with the trade are just some of the main skills that a janitorial supervisor requires in order to work effectively.

What is the maximum number of people that you have supervised?
In my present job, I am responsible for overseeing the work of 2 janitorial teams – each team has 32 members in it.

How do you ensure the efficacy of so many team members’ work?
I am a great communicator and I believe that solid communication between people is the key to ensure that everyone works well within their assigned areas. I strive hard to make sure that I keep in constant touch with my team members to ensure that they know what they’re supposed to be doing.

Where safety measures are concerned, what is your particular way to deal?
I take the safety of my staff, people within the building (executives, visitors and customers) and that of the building itself very seriously. My staff receives constant training to ensure that they use cleaning equipment and supplies by following certain protocols, and I make sure that cautionary boards are placed on all dangerous surfaces.

What made you choose this work as a career?
It took 6 years of working as a janitor to train me for the position that I am working at now. I have always been obsessed with cleaning and maintenance and figured that making a career out of it is just what I need to do to be happy with my work!