Sample Reference Letter for Admin Officer

Updated on: September 2, 2022
Job Overview

Responsible for the overall strategy and planning of an organization, an admin officer holds a crucial position in an organization.

An admin officer reports to the CEO while all other departments such as human resources and marketing may have to say to an admin officer, at least partially.

The work of an admin officer further encompasses providing recommendations to the CEO regarding the company’s policies along with developing and maintaining working relationships with all departmental heads to make sure that work processes run smoothly within an organization.

Guidelines for Writing Admin Officer Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation for the Admin Officer positions are used to gather supplementary information regarding a candidate for employment or higher education.

It should be written in a way to represent a candidate regarding:

• Performance
• Personal Characteristics
• Skills / Strengths / Capabilities
• Experience
• Professional Promise

The person writing the letter of recommendation should be an immediate supervisor. The letter should not go beyond one page.

Admin Officer Reference Letter Sample

September 2, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing in support of Rebecca Hall who has been working at GCC Consulting for more than 9 years. She began her employment as an administrative intern and worked her way to the top and eventually attained the position of an admin officer.

As a bright and personable individual, Rebecca has brought much efficiency to the company’s work teams. Her ability to interact with people at every level does not only get the work done but gets it done professionally. She is quite capable of achieving any goal that she sets her mind to, and it is this quality of hers that has brought about considerable acclaim to the services of our company in Virginia.

During the time that Rebecca spent at GCC Consulting, I have personally seen her learn highly advanced technologies promptly with the aim of using them to her advantage in work which has eventually become the company’s advantage. Her outgoing and friendly nature is an asset that has been responsible for our company being known as a leader in the industry.

For an organization that requires similar skill sets, Rebecca is very well qualified. She will be missed as she was nothing less than the spirit of GCC Consulting. We wish her luck in all her future endeavors.


Yuri Sole

Yuri Sole
CEO, GCC Consulting
Tel: (000) 333-3333