Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Sample [+Duties & Skills]

Updated on: May 12, 2023

A Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor resume that is sketchy and unstructured will never make it to the “to be called for an interview” pile.

Generally, hiring managers look for resumes that are informative enough for them to be considered useful. Same like the one given as a hospital housekeeping supervisor resume example below:

Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Sample

John Hill
54 Paton Road
Delta Junction, AK 99725
(000) 687-5474
john.hill @email . com


Hospital housekeeping supervisor with over 7 years of experience in overseeing the work of housekeeping staff in a busy hospital environment. Known to provide leadership and direction for all housekeeping activities of the hospital to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation.

• Scouting patients’ rooms to ensure that the level of cleanliness is in accordance with the hospital’s standards.
• Overseeing the mixing and use of cleaning and sanitizing supplies, ensuring safety at all times.
• Handling supplies inventory, aiming to keep an appropriate stock level.
• Hiring and training housekeeping staff members, ensuring that sufficient staff backup is available.

✓ Inventory Management ✓ Staff Hiring
✓ Laundry Oversight ✓ Complaint Handling
✓ Service Improvement ✓ Storeroom Functions
✓ Training and Development ✓ Cost Control
✓ Staff Motivation ✓ Customer Service
✓ Attention to Detail ✓ Standards Establishment

• Implemented a novel housekeeping oversight system, which was considered 85% more efficient than the existing one.
• Revamped the inventory system, adding a special feature that provided alerts for low-stock situations.
• Reduced costs of housekeeping supplies by $2000 per month by introducing a less expensive supplier.
• Established metrics and standards for housekeeping work from scratch, streamlining the process successfully.


Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor
Providence Healthcare, Delta Junction, AK
1/2019 – Present
• Determine the need for housekeeping staff on a daily basis, and ensure that this requirement is filled
• Inspect patients’ rooms, lobbies, offices, waiting areas, and procedure rooms to ensure that standards of cleanliness are upheld
• Oversee the work of housekeeping staff to ensure that they are working according to standards
• Provide instructions for mixing and using sanitization and cleaning agents in a safe manner
• Keep inventory checks, ensuring that low stock situations are rectified immediately
• Create and maintain effective liaisons with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of supplies and equipment
• Ensure that all cleaning and sanitizing equipment is properly maintained and repaired on a regular basis
• Interview, hire, and train housekeeping staff, ensuring that their ongoing training needs are constantly met

Hospital Housekeeper
Summa Health, Delta Junction, AK
2/2015 – 1/2019
• Cleaned surfaces such as floors and counters by performing sweeping, mopping, and wiping activities
• Mixed appropriate amounts of cleaning agents and disinfectants by following safety rules and protocols
• Ascertained that all rooms and bathrooms are properly cleaned and sanitized as per schedule
• Collected linen from patients’ rooms, and delivered fresh sheets and towels
• Dusted and polished hospital furniture, ensuring that repair needs are communicated to the manager

High School Diploma
Delta Junction High School, Delta Junction, AK – 2009

Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor Job Description for Resume

  • Create schedules for the housekeeping staff.
  • Ensure that the housekeeping staff is working in accordance with the hospital’s rules.
  • Make sure that the appearance of the hospital is clean and tidy.
  • Maintain constant awareness of the cleanliness, maintenance, and repair of the hospital.
  • Hand out housekeeping staff’s duties on a daily basis.
  • Ensure shift management is handled properly and that no shift is unmanned.
  • Maintain the inventory of hospital equipment and cleaning supplies.
  • Ensure that all safety procedures are taken into account when mixing chemicals and detergents.
  • Make sure that all cleaning supplies are appropriately labeled.
  • Oversee housekeeping staff and ensure that they are properly and safely attired.

Sample Skills for Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor Resume

  • Staff scheduling
  • Housekeeping staff supervision
  • Hospital rules and regulations
  • Housekeeping protocols implementation
  • Inventory management
  • Preventative maintenance of housekeeping equipment
  • Disinfectants use and mixing
  • Inspection plans
  • Logs maintenance