Entry Level Information Technology Resume with No Experience

Updated on: May 1, 2022

Entry-level resumes are written following certain guidelines.

Since they cannot be written the way others are (for more experienced positions), they end up not having the same impact on a hiring manager if not written carefully.

The resume is written for one reason only and that is to communicate your eligibility for a job to the person who will decide if you are hire-worthy.

The most problematic thing with entry-level resumes is the lack of content.

Since the applicant is new to the job world, he or she might find it difficult to write a compelling resume.

For an entry-level position in information technology, have a look at the following resume sample:

Entry Level Information Technology Resume with No Experience

Alison Cooper
223 Park Road, Bloomfield, NE 89541
(000) 895-2521
alison.cooper @email .com


Fresh and talented information technology graduate seeking an IT Assistant position at Tesla. Bringing a deep understanding of performing deskside troubleshooting and phone support for both employees and customers. Well-versed in handling installation and operation of different operating systems including Microsoft Windows, IOS, Android, Mac OS, and Linux.

• Deeply familiar with developing, testing, and documenting backup and recovery routines.
• Highly skilled in providing first-level corrective action to identify technical faults such as lack of power and paper jams.
• Competent in accurately and timely submitting trouble tickets on behalf of users experiencing chronic IT issues.
• Able to diagnose and correct equipment malfunctions and software glitches to ensure that they do not hinder project deadlines.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology
Nebraska State University, Bloomfield, NE
– Human-computer interaction
– Databases and data management
– Networking and Communications
– Software Development
– Cyber Security
– System Administration and Security


IT Intern
Metropolitan Business Solutions, Bloomfield, NE
Jan 2022 – May 2022
• Installed different software on users’ computers, in accordance with their specific requirements.
• Connected peripherals and auxiliary equipment to main computers and configure them appropriately.
• Monitored network flow and ensured that all computers were properly secured by installing and upgrading antivirus software.
• Troubleshot problems with users’ computers and the network and ensured that downtime was minimized.
• Created tickets for technical problems that could not be resolved at tier 1 by escalating them to information technology managers.

– Troubleshooting
– OS Maintenance
– Network Security
– Auxiliary Systems Support
– Corrective Maintenance
– Data Backup Support
– Inventory Management
– Equipment Testing