Patient Care Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: May 1, 2022

In order to write a good resume for a PCT job, a job seeker will need to customize their resume as per the mission of the prospective employer.

That said, mentioning of healthcare organization’s mission statements and values can contribute highly to the success of your resume.

If you see the prospective organization’s website in detail, you will find that there is so much information that you can derive from it to make your resume.

The qualities that a prospective employer is looking for can be used to modify your own accomplishments and qualification statements.

By only including information on your resume that is relevant to the posting, you increase your chances of being hired.

Typically, your resume for the patient care technician position should be written in the following format:

Sample Resume for a Patient Care Technician Position

Clarence Nelson
800 Loop Street
Omaha, NE 40232
(000) 854-4152 
clarnel @ email . com


Talented and forward-thinking Patient Care Technician with 11+ years of hands-on experience in managing the needs of patients under the supervision of doctors and nurses. Exceptionally well-qualified to take vital signs, collect specimens, perform catheterization, and assist patients with eating and personal hygiene. A compassionate individual who efficiently assists patients with physical hygiene and grooming. Excellent communicator with a proven record of assisting nursing staff and providing appropriate emotional care to patients.

– Direct Patient Assistance – Treatment Administering
– Dialysis Support – Health and Safety Standards
– Specimen Processing – Surgery Facilitation
– Therapy Assistance – Emotional Support
– Patient Assessment – CPR and First Aid
– Medical Equipment Operations – Mobility Assistance

• Saved a patient’s life (who was showing signs of stroke) by providing immediate medical assistance in the absence of the head nurse.
• Devised a novel way of keeping patient specimens from becoming contaminated by implementing safe carriage channels.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on medical equipment which decreased breakdowns by 75%.
• Rehabilitated a stroke victim who had 85% paralysis on both sides, by providing dedicated physical therapy support over a period of 4 years.


Patient Care Technician 
  Bay Care, Omaha, NE
  Jul 2015 – Present
• Read and comprehend patients’ files and ensure that treatment plans are properly understood.
• Assist patients with daily tasks such as grooming, bathing, brushing, and washing.
• Ascertain that patients’ rooms are kept tidy, clean, and sanitized at all times.
• Take and record patients’ vitals and ensure that any significant changes in readings are communicated to the doctor.
• Observe patients and determine any changes in physical or mental condition and alert nursing personnel in case any are evident.

Patient Care Technician 
  Family Health Care, Omaha, NE
  Feb 2012 – Jul 2015
• Took and recorded patients’ vitals such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure.
• Took urine and blood sample and secured them properly before sending them to the laboratory.
• Followed up on lab tests and obtained results.
• Changed bandages and assisted in starting IVs or administering IV, IM, or oral medication.
• Provided emotional support to patients by communicating with them to promote positivity in their lives.

Patient Care Volunteer 
  United Health, Omaha, NE
  Jan 2011 – Feb 2012
• Created and maintained patients’ files while ensuring that both accuracies of records and confidentiality of information were maintained.
• Provided patients with assistance with grooming, toileting, washing, and bathing while maintaining their dignity.
• Ascertained that patients’ rooms were kept clean and sanitized and reported any problems to the nurse manager.

Associate of Science in Medical Assisting 
Green Tree Community College, Omaha, NE