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Updated on: January 10, 2019

There is a particular reason that hiring managers make a beeline for the skills section as soon as they pick up an Information Technology Manager resume.

Skills define an individual on the core level, allowing the hiring manager to guess how well-suited he or she is for a position.

The good news is that no one is without skills. And since everyone has at least a few things that they can boast, filling out the skills section is no issue at all.

However, most of us find it a tad difficult to effectively write our skills in a resume. Some of us are too shy to show off, which needs to be overcome since one needs to sell oneself, and there is no way that you can do this unless you do show off a little.

The hiring manager does not know you at all, and it is up to you to tell him that you are the best there is out there. The skills section on a resume will do this for you.

It will inform him or her precisely what your abilities are, and how you can use them to benefit the company. And this is all the information that a hiring manager needs to get the ball rolling in your favor.

Here is a list of skills that you can refer to when creating the skills section for an information technology manager position:

Sample Skills for Information Technology Manager Resume

• Demonstrated ability to handle organization-wide systems and information technology needs of the company.

• Highly skilled in identifying the company’s information technology needs, by performing thorough research activities.

• Competent in running regular checks on both network and data security, and identifying loopholes in problems.

• Proven ability to identify and act upon opportunities to improve and update software and hardware systems.

• Qualified to develop and implement information technology policies and best practices.

• Adept at planning, organizing, and controlling information technology and electronic data operations.

• Proficient in designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating systems, policies, and procedures.

• Solid track record of minimizing systems downtimes, through the implementation of solid backup systems.

• Effectively able to ensure the security of systems and data, by the implementation of the core virus and malware protection software.

• Deep familiarity with acting in alignment with user needs and systems functionality, aimed at satisfying end users.

• Focused on identifying problematic areas, and ensuring that issues are handled before they convert into crises.

• Exceptionally well-versed in interviewing, hiring, and training IT technicians, and ensuring that existing professionals’ training needs are also met.

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