Inventory Clerk Resume Sample With Experience

Updated on: March 19, 2021

An inventory clerk is generally responsible for carrying out inventory control, overseeing shipments, and maintaining a record of available merchandise. The position is of great responsibility and requires excellent mathematical skills.

resume for an inventory clerk position is a marketing tool that has the power to get you an interview.

Make sure it is not a list of your previous job duties in the role of an inventory clerk, rather it should be a logically-presented document of your accomplishments and strengths.

Communicate your knowledge and skills in inventory maintenance and record-keeping concisely with the help of brief statements and bullet points.

Make sure you don’t waste any space by repeating the same information.

Refer to the example below to get a better idea.

Inventory Clerk With Experience Resume Sample

Kevin Bingley
7223 Roselyn Ave, Lancaster, TX 57333
(004) 555-6666
[email protected]


Self-directed, resourceful professional with 9+ years of experience working in retail and warehouse environments in the capacity of an inventory clerk. Highly skilled in counting physical products, conducting inventory audits, and generating reports. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Able to carry out accurate basic mathematics and algebraic calculations. Familiar with online market places, including e-bay and Amazon.


Inventory Control Clerk| 04/2016 – Present
Flotek Industries, Lancaster, TX
• Compile, maintain, and regularly update the record of quantity, type, material, and specifications of all merchandise stored in the establishment and warehouse
• Prepare lists of depleted items for replenishing and inspect defective items to establish the cause
• Resolve discrepancies in the slip inventory, purchased items list, and packing quantity records on a daily basis
• Complete and issue weekly inventory reports to the supervisor

Selected Achievements
✔ Initiated a computerized inventory system that generated acquisition requests automatically when the quantity became less than a minimal number, reducing manual effort by 20%
✔ Restructured the warehouse shelves and arranged the merchandise in a smart manner that made counting and transporting of the same more manageable and reduced time spent in sorting items by 50%

Inventory Aide | 02/2009 to 04/2016
Kroger, Dallas, TX
• Received and issued equipment and tools as needed
• Carried out cycle counts, document control, item scanning, and storekeeping tasks
• Operated company vehicles and equipment including a forklift to assist in stocking and moving of materials to and from the warehouse
• Oversaw packaging of products before shipment and ensured the implementation of the standard safety packing procedures

Selected Achievements
✔ Secured a refund for a huge damaged shipment through vigilant merchandise scanning on receipt and timely communication with the vendor
✔ Earned employee of the month award thrice

Grover Public School, Dallas, TX

– Inventory Control
– Record Keeping
– Supply Chain Management
– Discrepancies Resolution
– Shipping/Receiving
– Forklift Operations
– Safety Guidelines
– Customer Service
– Work Area Sanitation

– Inventory Software
– MS Office Suite
– Spreadsheets
– ERP systems
– Databases

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