Inventory Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 4, 2021

An inventory clerk’s position might be an entry-level one even though some organizations hire experienced personnel too.

All companies that deal in merchandise need to hire someone who can keep track of what is being sold and how much is left. This is where inventory clerks come!

To apply for this job, you need to come up with a compelling cover letter and resume for an inventory clerk position.

Check the following example to create a proper job application for the Inventory Clerk position.

Inventory Clerk Resume Cover Letter Example

Marge Simpson
8 Kappock Street
Bronx, NY 63534
(000) 002-2992

September 4, 2021

Mr. Ronald Adams
Manager HR
Acme Inc.
307 Clinton Street
Bronx, NY 25243

Dear Mr. Adams:

I graduated from the Bronx High School in August this year and had been looking for a position as an Inventory Clerk ever since. The job opening at Acme Inc for this position is nothing short of a dream come true. As an extremely enthusiastic individual possessing excellent organizational and inventory management skills, I am positive about my ability to contribute to the continuing success of your organization.

In keeping with your specific requirements for this Inventory Clerk position, I am highly skilled in invoicing customers, compiling requests for materials, preparing purchase orders, keeping track of purchases, and supplying and handling inquiries about orders. Since inventory management is all about organizing data and information, I could effectively assist your organization utilizing my understanding of advanced accounting procedures, computers, and technology.

I am confident in my talent to perform inventory tasks efficiently and would like to discuss my capabilities with you further. I intend to call your office after five days to set up an interview date and time. In the interim, if you need to contact me, I’ll be available at (000) 002-2992.

Thank you in anticipation of considering my resume for the inventory clerk position.


Marge Simpson

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