Banquet Houseman Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 19, 2021

Effective cover letters are devoted to the purpose of explaining to the potential employer how you could benefit them.

Your cover letter for the banquet houseman position needs to be a summary of the successful events you have participated in. Paint your personality in words, making sure the job-relevant traits are the ones projected most.

A banquet houseman position requires exceptional skills in planning, management, coordinating, and organization.

Your cover letter must reflect a deep sense of professionalism coupled with deep-rooted knowledge regarding the work ethics and etiquette attached to the hospitality industry.

Most employers devote much less time to reading covers than you think they do.

As most cover letters get a few seconds read, you have to make sure that the letter is compelling enough to inspire the employer to read through.

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Banquet Houseman Cover Letter Sample

Benjamin Samuel
436 Bonville Ave, Chicago, IL 54878
(004) 222-5555
benjamin.samuel @ email . com

March 19, 2021

Mr. Timothy Green
HR Director
Aim Bridge Hospitality
6778 Glen Drive
Chicago, IL 54878

Dear Mr. Green:

I found your banquet houseman job advertisement very exciting and suitable for me since I fully qualify for the position.

Working in the banquet industry for the past couple of years, I have developed a deep passion for hospitality service, and I take great pride in contributing exceptional banquet services to make the guest’s dining and banquet experience a memorable one. 

My qualifications include:

✔ Food handler card, OLCC (Liquor License), MCDS Trained, Holder of certificate IV in Hospitality.
✔ Deep expertise in a customer service-oriented, high-quality banquets service delivery in order to ensure smooth and seamless transitions between banquet flips.
✔ Firsthand experience in banquet serving, coordinating with other servers, and supervising events including high-profile conferences and weddings.

My well-developed vendor negotiation skills, stock inventory management ability, client interaction expertise, teamwork spirit, and extensive knowledge and experience regarding banquet protocol could be productively utilized at Aim Bridge Hospitality.

I cannot wait to join Aim Bridge and start making a difference in the customer satisfaction level to contribute to enhancing the overall clientele. Contact me at (004) 222-5555 to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Benjamin Samuel

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