Union organizer is a very exciting and challenging position and writing a targeted cover letter is necessary to obtain this position. The prospective employer is probably receiving hundreds of applications for a single job. To establish that you are different and better from the other candidates you need to emphasize your personal value. Conduct some research on the prospective company’s mission and communicate your knowledge regarding issues faced by the company along with a proposition of how you offer to utilize your relevant skills and subsequently contribute in resolving the issues.

Addressing the employer’s needs directly might seem to be a bold step, but then again, confidence is the very ingredient that will set you apart from the other candidates.

To capture the employer’s attention further, some interesting ideas are to attach a video link or news clippings from an effective union campaign you have been a part of. Additional evidence to support your high and mighty claims is always good and impressive.


Union Organizer Cover Letter Sample


Fredrick McKenzie
6322 Unix Ave, Chicago, IL 65444
Cellular: (003) 666-7777 | Home: (002) 444-3333
fredrick .@ email . com

March 29, 2014

Mr. Ben Rochester
HR In charge
Chicago Workers Collaborative
76 Yale’s Drive
Chicago, IL 65333


Dear Mr. Rochester:

I began my career as an editor for a union newsletter during my student life. As my experience increased, I developed a deep interest in unionization and developed skills in fundraising, collaboration and community development. Having worked as union organizer/administrative assistant for three years with a small firm, I have learnt a lot in the field and the announced position at CWC seems to be a perfect opportunity where my acquired skills can be utilized productively, giving my competencies the well deserved platform needed to excel further as a union organizer.

I keep following the union’s activities at CWC and I believe in the current situation, the Bringing down Barriers campaign that seeks to remove growth barriers for low wage workers could use a helping hand. I have headed a similar campaign at my previous workplace which was a great success. I could initiate and implement some really effective collaborative strategies in this regard if given the chance. Having a track record of combating prejudice at work place due to ethnic stereotypes and disabilities I possess substantial functional knowledge in labor rights campaigning.

I can’t wait to discuss the strategies I have in mind to support your ongoing campaigns with your hiring committee in detail. May I suggest an interview meeting to suit the purpose? Kindly call me at (003) 666-7777 to confirm your interest and schedule a meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Fredrick McKenzie

Encl. Resume