What Is Your Greatest Weakness? 10 Best Answers

Updated on: January 3, 2023

During an interview, employers often ask applicants about their greatest weaknesses.

It looks like a straightforward question, but, it isn’t. In fact, this question is so twisted that one has to prepare in advance to be able to answer it correctly. However, once you have this prepared, you are ready for any other questions as well!

To begin with, you have to determine what the whole ballgame about this question is.

To be honest, this is a tricky question. By asking it, an employer not only wants to know about your weakness but also how you tried to overcome it in the past.

Essentially, this question needs to be answered by keeping it in mind that the interviewer is interested more in what you are capable of doing about your weakness, and less about the actual weakness.

There are several ways of answering the question “what is our greatest weakness?” The following are some good answers that you can go through:

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What Is Your Greatest Weakness? 10 Best Answers

1. I am not too good at handling group presentations. However, my work has almost always involved one on one sessions with clients, so this weakness has never really been a problem at the workplace.

2. Where work is concerned, I am a stickler for perfection. I want to do everything perfectly, which can put a damper on the actual task at times. However, I am working on making this my strength, rather than my weakness.

3. It is unfortunate that the organization has not been my strongest point. But, I am focused on prioritizing tasks that impact the bottom line, often leading to great success.

4. I love working speedily. While this makes it easy for me to meet deadlines, I sometimes miss an important point, which is highlighted later. Speed means that I never miss a deadline, and I am working diligently to balance both speed and accuracy.

5. There are times when I leave it at the last moment to set appointments, which makes it difficult for me to handle things later. Recently, I have taught myself never to leave everything at the last minute, and I am transitioning into the process now.

6. I have trouble delegating work to my juniors, as I feel that I am the best person to do them. At this point, I am making a conscious effort to trust my subordinates with work assignments.

7. Until about a year ago, I would finish up one project before beginning another one. Now, I am learning to multitask, so that I can handle more than one task at a time.

8. I care too much about my work, often taking it home with me. However, I am doing my best to finish the job at the office and resume it if needed the next day.

9. I tend to be too formal with clients at times, which works exceptionally well with corporate ones, but not as well with others. Thankfully, the company where I work does not cater to many clients that are not of corporate origin.

10. As a reserved individual by nature, it sometimes becomes difficult for me to make friends at work, as a result of which assistance comes in a miserly fashion. Thankfully, I am entirely self-sufficient where work is concerned and can interact well with people when the need arises.

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