What Is Your Greatest Strength? 10 Best Answers

Updated on: August 21, 2020
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The question “what is your greatest strength?” can actually make your chances to become an interviewer’s favorite. To begin with, a well-thought answer can put you in the interviewer’s good books.

It is important to realize that if the answer is as well-structured and spot-on as the hiring manager wants it to be, you have a great chance of being considered the right person to hire.

Basically, it is a technical question and requires one to deal with it in the same fashion. Interviewers do not want to know what your greatest strengths are only – they also want to know what these strengths can do for the company.

As mentioned above, the question is a technical one and requires you to be aware of your abilities before you can answer it.

Some examples of answers to the question “what is your greatest strength” are provided below:

What Is Your Greatest Strength? 10 Best Answers

1. My work ethics are strong, which requires me to be exceptionally focused when working on a deadline. I don’t just meet deadlines. In fact, I make sure that the effort that I put in shows in the result.

2. My writing and speaking skills are excellent. Therefore, I am able to communicate well with people from different backgrounds – both internally, and externally.

3. I believe that my biggest strength is to be able to cope with failures and learn from the mistakes.

4. I am an imaginative individual, who thrives in a challenging environment. Therefore, all projects that I work on, edict aesthetics that are beyond anything that the client has imagined.

5. As an observant and methodical individual, I am able to determine project requirements exactly. Hence, leading the project systematically.

6. My leadership skills are excellent, and they have led me to spearhead many projects that have spelled success for the company. I am thorough when it comes to work, and never leave a problem in limbo.

7. One of my greatest strengths is the way in which I can perceive things. Due to this, I can observe changes in people’s attitudes and abilities and can assist my teams in profoundly handling issues.

8. I have always been a problem-solver, even before I ventured into the professional arena. As a result of this, I can concentrate on solutions and not problems, almost always coming out on top of issues.

9. Owing to my analytic mind, I can effectively scrutinize situations and problems before they can convert into crises. That has saved the day at my present and past workplaces on many occasions.

10. Where working under pressure is concerned, there is no match for me! Particularly, when I am faced with a tough situation such as a pressing deadline, or a decision dilemma, I can manage it without breaking under it.

What Is Your Greatest Strength? One More Answer for a Sales Professional

In fact, my greatest strength is my sales acumen. Over the last five years that I have worked as a salesman, I have not let even one opportunity go where converting leads into sales is concerned. Consequently, I have been commended on my sales performance many times.

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