Steak n Shake Interview Questions & Answers

Updated on: May 3, 2018

Before working at any position in any capacity, you have to appear for an interview.

And if your dream job is to work at Steak n Shake, you will need to prepare even more, because this chain hires the best.

To see what questions may be thrown at you to gauge your suitability for a Steak n Shake server position, have a look at the following set of interview questions and answers:



Steak n Shake Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to work for Steak n Shake?
I have always been an admirer of the way Steak n Shake treats its customers, and the excellent service provided to them. And I would like to be a part of this organization so that I can contribute as much.

Have you ever worked in a food service capacity before?
Yes, I have. I have worked as a server in one of the biggest fast food chains in America.

What do you suppose your duties will be in the role of a server at Steak n Shake?
As a server at Steak n Shake, I will be responsible for taking and serving customers’ orders, ensuring both accuracy and timeliness of their orders. In addition to this, I expect to be accountable for creating and maintaining an effective channel of communication between the kitchen and dining area, to expedite orders. Also, it will be my responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction at all times, so that repeat business is a possibility.

What do you think is the most challenging part of working as a server, in a food service capacity?
I believe that challenges are an everyday event when one is working in a food service capacity. So there isn’t one part that I can choose and label most challenging.

What do you have to offer to Steak n Shake in terms of skills?
Working as a server at Steak n Shake will allow me to provide the organization with exceptional services, which will, in turn, translate into repeat business opportunities. In addition to this, I offer deep knowledge of the foodservice industry, and food preparation activities, along with exceptional competencies in handling complaints, and irate customers.

If hired as a server at Steak and Shake, where do you think your work will lead you, professionally speaking?
I always aim high, which is why I intend to work very hard so that I can climb up the ladder to the position of a restaurant manager soon.