NGO Internship Resume Sample

Updated on: November 29, 2021

Job opportunities are different in NGOs than they are in the corporate sector.

The culture is different which means that the way an individual work is also different.

Since there is a stark “variance”, you need to be able to create a resume in a manner that is suitable for an NGO job.

If you are applying for an internship position at an NGO, you will need to make sure that your objective statement is in sync with the organization’s “non-profit” goals.

While not an easy thing to do at this level – since you are applying for a first professional position – this is the only way to be successful in acquiring an internship.

Remember that internships in NGOs may be great stepping stones for you to eventually gain a good position within the same type of organization or even in the corporate sector later on.

The entire idea behind writing a resume for an NGO internship is to focus on your skills and more importantly, how you share the organization’s vision.

Make this information obvious in your resume and you can open many opportunities for yourself.

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To give you a more profound view of how a resume for an internship at an NGO is written, have a look at the following sample for a communications intern:

NGO Internship Resume Example

Barbara Nelson
752 1st Avenue, Mechanic Falls, ME 33200
(000) 141-7878
barb.nel @ email .com


Recent communications graduate with exceptional strengths in supporting communications strategies and planning. Skilled at providing recommendations for cross-functional business partners on improving employee communications.

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication
MAINE STATE UNIVERSITY, Mechanic Falls, ME – 2021
• Mass Communication
• Interpersonal and Group Communication
• Fundamentals of Public Speaking
• Writing for the Digital Age
• Media and Technology
• Intercultural Communication
• Negotiation

• Outreach System
• Strategic Planning
• Media Monitoring
• Crises Communication Strategies
• Conference Coordination
• Service Research
• Communication Plans Support
• Budget Administration
• Logistical Support
• Customer Service


Communication Intern
LAND O’ LAKES, Mechanical Falls, ME
• Provided assistance in planning, developing, and implementing core communications strategies
• Assisted in the organization of conferences and workshops and coordination of media coverage
• Prepared information and updated it on the organization’s website and social media profiles
• Assisted in the production of reports and presentations and handled data verification procedures
• Coordinated efforts to lead fundraising activities through various channels such as direct communication and fundraising events

• Ability to support marketing and communications efforts by writing copy and handling internet research work
• Deep insight into handling websites and social media profiles to ensure constant company presence
• Competent in building collaborative and trusting relationships with stakeholders and vendors

Excellent references available