NGO Internship Cover Letter Sample

Updated: February 16, 2023

The problem with most cover letters is that they say nothing new. This fact forces hiring managers to think that you as a candidate have nothing new to offer. 

Do you know when it is most important to write a cover letter that impresses the hiring manager?

When you are a newbie, it is difficult to write an impressive cover letter. But that does not mean that it is impossible.

When you apply for an internship at an NGO, you have to make sure that you write your cover letter to defeat the competitors. This is only possible if you take a little time to self-assess.

Find out what you have to offer – something that not many other people have to offer.

Then correlate that list of skills and qualifications to what the employer is looking for in an intern specifically. When you have a match, you have a cover letter that will speak volumes for you as a possible candidate.

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Here is a sample to help you:

NGO Internship Cover Letter Sample

Patricia Walker
254 New Pine Street
Mechanical Falls, ME 51020
(000) 141-7474
Patricia @ email . com

February 16, 2023

Mr. Bruce Turner
Hiring Manager
Land O’ Lakes
2202 Buckman Street
Mechanical Falls, ME 56985

Dear Mr. Turner:

My four competencies are; competitive, assertive, positive, and victorious. Luckily, these four are also the critical skills that are needed for a Communications Intern position at a non-government organization such as Land O’ Lakes. I present my resume for your consideration and anticipate regular work with you at a later stage.

I can build effective relationships, ask the right questions to get information, and manage time effectively. Additionally, I am able to support inarching communications plans and monitoring media to take advantage of opportunities to place messages and stay abreast of issue developments. Instigating and supporting fundraising endeavors is something that I have done extensively as a volunteer for Enel Green Power, and have no qualms about replicating it for your organization.

In anticipation that you will have questions for me, I will contact you next week to answer them and schedule a time for a more extended conversation. I can be reached at (000) 141-7474 if you need to contact me before that.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Patricia Walker