BA Student Internship Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 6, 2022

Writing your first cover letter can be a daunting task. 

The trick is to write to impress. When you focus on impressing the hiring manager, you automatically think up all the skills and qualifications that you possess.

Listing them down (not literally) in a cover letter is important. But when you are writing to procure an internship, you have to be very careful. No longer will your cover letter be a document that states that you want a give and takes relationship.

Since an internship opportunity automatically translates into the company and will train you for nothing, you have to highlight what you can offer as well. The hiring manager will know that you do not have the experience to offer – but if you have skills to offer, you must make them obvious.

And if you have any academic accomplishments that relate to the internship for which you are applying, do not forget to mention them.

Looking for a sample to give you a kick-start? Here is one:

BA Student Internship Cover Letter Sample

Rose Bean
524 Creek Ave
Hillsborough, NJ 13447
(777) 777-7777
r.bean @ email . com

June 6, 2022

Ms. Adele Portman
Hiring Manager
Impact Services
7870 Hill Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Dear Ms. Portman:

I am excited to know that your company is offering internship programs to final year students and I would like to offer my resume for consideration.

Presently, I am majoring in mass communication, which I find to be a highly fascinating subject. Recently, I volunteered my services in an office assistant role at the college office and was highly appreciated due to my diligence in learning operational procedures and implementing them according to established protocols. Since I am the representative of my class, my communication, and interpersonal skills are also exceptionally well-rounded.

Anticipating learning much in terms of administrative and customer service work, if provided with a chance to obtain an internship at Impact Services, and returning the favor by working hard and conscientiously, I am positive that this opportunity will be beneficial for both ends. I will contact you at the end of next week to see if we can discuss this in more depth, in person. If you need to contact me in the meantime, please feel free to do so at (777) 777-7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rose Bean

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