Sample Cover Letter for Nursing Internship

Updated on: February 29, 2024
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When embarking on a career in nursing, gaining practical experience through an internship is an invaluable step.

A compelling cover letter is your first opportunity to make a positive impression on a potential employer. It’s a chance to showcase your passion, drive, and academic accomplishments outside the bullet points of a resume.

The cover letter for a nursing internship is not just a formality; it’s an integral part of your application that can set you apart from other candidates.

Below, we provide an example of how a nursing student effectively communicates their qualifications for an internship.

This sample demonstrates the kind of personalized, engaging, and professional tone that can capture the attention of a hiring manager.

Use it as inspiration to craft your own letter, tailored to reflect your unique experiences and enthusiasm for the nursing profession.

Nursing Internship Cover Letter Example

Olivia Benson
San Francisco, CA
(000) 123-4567
[email protected].

February 29, 2024

Dr. Elliot Stabler
Director of Nursing
Evergreen Hospital
123 South Avenue
San Francisco, CA 52987

Dear Dr. Stabler,

I am contacting you to apply for the nursing internship program at Evergreen Hospital as advertised on the hospital’s career portal. Currently, in my final year at ABC University obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I have maintained a GPA of 3.8 while actively participating in our community’s health advocacy programs. My academic and extracurricular activities have prepared me well for your internship program.

My clinical rotations in pediatrics, emergency care, and geriatrics have provided a diverse array of nursing experiences. Highlights from my training include:

  • Assisting with patient assessments and care plan development, ensuring personalized attention to each patient’s needs.
  • A successful track record of collaborating with healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care and patient education.
  • Building rapport with patients, which helps reduce their anxiety and improve patient experience.
  • Efficiently managing patient care documentation and integrating technology in patient care through electronic health records.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to ongoing learning and adapting quickly to new healthcare environments and situations.

What draws me particularly to Evergreen Hospital is your dedication to community health and the continuum of care philosophy that predicates every patient interaction. I believe that my foundation in nursing will enable me to make a valuable contribution to your team.

Enclosed with this letter is my resume, which provides further detail about my journey and qualifications. I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with you in person. I plan to reach out to your office by the week’s end to inquire about a suitable meeting time. Until then, please do not hesitate to contact me at (000) 123-4567 or via email at [email protected].

Thank you for considering my application for the nursing internship program.

Warmest regards,

Olivia Benson

Enclosure: Resume

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