Production Assistant Skills for Resume

Updated on: October 2, 2019

A production assistant resume without skills is less useful to an employer.

That is why it is imperative to mention your core competencies on your resume.


How to Write Production Assistant Skills on Resume?

In particular, you must specify your knowledge of distributing schedules to the crew and cast members and following up with them.

Also, your ability to provide day to day support to filmmakers and stakeholders should be included in your resume.

It is important to note that Production Assistant resumes without skills are not given much consideration. In fact, they are usually archived and forgotten.

Focusing on what you offer in a production assistant role is most important. Equally important is to tell the hiring manager that you are a great communicator.


Since working at this position requires exceptional ability to coordinate many aspects of filmmaking or television, you must convince the hiring manager that you are the best.

And this can only be done if a Production Assistant resume skills section is properly worded.


Production Assistant Skills for Resume

• Unmatched ability to assist in schedule creation and implementation

• Demonstrated expertise in following up with cast and crew to ensure compliance

• Effectively able to maintain active contact with vendors and suppliers

• Deeply familiar with following protocol to secure filming premises, such as studios and outdoor locations

• Well-versed in organizing meetings with visitors, and organizing meeting spaces

• Competent in preparing sets using lights, props, and equipment

• Qualified to assist costume designers, directors, and camera operators on set

• Proficient in printing and distribution paperwork such as scripts and call sheets

• Adept at conducting crowd control by putting up signs and barricades

• Proven ability to direct pedestrians away from filming areas

• Solid track record of effectively locking down sets

• Talented in acting as a runner to distribute messages and items to the crew and cast members

• Skilled in booking production equipment and performance staff members

• Experienced in liaising with a wide range of people to ensure smooth filming and post-production

• Demonstrated ability to organize meetings and interviews with television channel representatives

• Expert in preparing briefing notes and timely distributing them

• Highly skilled in clearing copyrights by coordinating efforts with outreach teams

• Exceptionally talented in overseeing cues, timings, and continuity during recording or filming

• In-depth knowledge of handling budgets to ensure that all expenses are made within limitations

• Hands-on experience in accompanying actors to and from trailers in a safe manner

• Able to deliver films to locations upon instruction

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