Hospital Janitor Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: January 2, 2021

A hospital janitor’s work is essential to the proper functioning of the facility. Hence, the process to hire one requires hiring managers to go through well-written cover letters.

If this is the job that you want to do, your cover letter should essentially highlight your skills and abilities in cleaning and sanitizing work.

Typically, a hospital janitor’s cover letter should show that the applicant is aware of proper cleaning processes such as sweeping and mopping.

It should also emphasize your knowledge of using the right chemical cleaners, in correct quantities. Moreover, your cover letter must highlight your ability to disinfect surfaces and fixtures as per the facility’s policies.

If you can effectively write a cover letter that emphasizes your knowledge of cleaning and maintenance within a healthcare setting, you may have a great chance at bagging the job.

View the following cover letter sample written especially for a hospital janitor position:

Sample Cover Letter for Hospital Janitor Resume

George Goodman
(000) 285-9947
[email protected]

January 2, 2021

Mr. David Streep
Human Resource Manager
Aetna Healthcare
61 Main Road
Jersey City, NJ 13321

Dear Mr. Streep:

When I saw your advertisement for a hospital janitor position, I could not contain my excitement. The requirements are exactly what I have to offer in terms of experience, skills, and expertise in performing cleaning and sanitizing work within a hospital environment.

Over the last 6 years that I have worked as a hospital janitor, I have acquired a solid skillset in handling cleaning, maintenance, and disinfection work. Some of my main skills include the following:

  1. Demonstrated ability to clean patients’ rooms, bathrooms, laboratories, and offices by following strict cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  2. Able to utilize chemicals, and cleaning solutions in a safe manner, following strict safety protocols.
  3. Exceptional ability to follow all infection control processes as detailed by the supervisor.
  4. Expert in transporting trash, and hazardous materials in an appropriate manner.

Owing to an inherently thorough personality, and a solid will to improve skills and work processes, I am positive that my addition to your organization will be greatly fruitful for both. I will be in touch with you regarding a suitable time and date when we can connect in person. You may also reach me at (000) 285-9947 if you have any questions that you need to be answered.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


George Goodman

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