Computer Science Internship Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 22, 2019

Using the written language is crucial to cover letter writing.

If you don’t have an idea of the hiring firm’s culture and normative language, chances are you might use a writing style that is not appreciated in the firm thus lessening your chances of being called for interview.


Taking a tone too formal or too casual both can be harmful.

Try to ascertain what kind of tone is considered appropriate at the specific company you are applying at.

The following are some must do’s for your computer science internship cover letter:

• State the reason why you wish to apply for an internship at the specific firm


• Demonstrate why you are the top candidate by matching your skills against the required ones

• Let them know you admire the firm along with some solid reasons

• Re-read and proofread the letter at least 2-3 times

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The following is a Sample Computer Science Internship Cover Letter for your guidance.


Computer Science Internship Cover Letter Sample


Samuel Kim
(005) 222-1111
samuel @ email . com

July 22, 2019

Mr. Jake Howard
HR Manager
Production Resource Group
87 Yale Ave
Denver, CO 89002


Dear Mr. Howard:

A final year Computer Science student at the University of Colorado, I am writing to apply for the advertised internship at Production Resource Group. I wish to begin my career at PRG since it is one of the finest computer solutions company in Colorado and the company’s breakthrough advancements in Computer Science based IT support has always intrigued me.

My resume is enclosed for detailed review, however following are brief highlights of the strengths my profile offers:

• Able to provide full IT support to different departments
• Skilled in developing networks and web portals and troubleshooting the same
• Detailed knowledge of algorithms and data structures
• Familiar with database analysis to gauge customer preferences
• Well-versed in CSS, JAVA Scripts, HTML, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh
• Basic knowledge of Oracle, MySQL, RDBMS, and Sybase

Being a detail-oriented individual with strong analytical skills, I work on computer malfunctions systematically and am usually able to identify and troubleshoot software, hardware and malware issues. I am also adept at replacing and repairing hardware components and ports.

I would welcome an opportunity to have a meeting with you and discuss the position in detail. Should you require any documents, references or credentials, please give me a buzz at (006) 444-3333 or email me at samuel @ email . com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Samuel Kim
(005) 222-1111
samuel @ email . com

Attached: resume