Heavy Duty Mechanic Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 22, 2019

Almost all employers demand a cover letter with every job application these days.

A cover letter is a tool that facilitates both, the employer as well the candidate.


It enables the employer to get an insight into the personality, competence, and caliber of the candidate while for the candidates it serves as an opportunity to introduce the accompanying resume and candidacy and gain a favorable first impression.

Since first impressions really count in the job market and the first impression is literally the last one when it comes to the HR department, one should take the time and make the effort to write a compelling and convincing cover letter.

The tone, format, and layout appropriate for each cover letter must be determined carefully and the candidate is the best person to decide upon these.

Make sure you select a format that facilitates you in uplifting and highlighting your most desirable traits and skills.


Below is a heavy-duty mechanic cover letter sample for your further guidance in this regard.



Heavy Duty Mechanic Cover Letter Sample



Samuel Drake
560 Wesley Sq
Irving, TX 45081
(005) 444-3333
samuel . drake @ email .com

July 22,2019

Mr. Ellis Edward
HR Manager
89 Hillside Lane
Irving, TX 45081


Dear Mr. Edward:

Throughout my 8 years of professional employment as a heavy-duty mechanic, I have been recognized as someone who could get the job done. Seeing your vacancy announcement for a heavy-duty mechanic in yesterday’s paper piqued my interest and motivated me to write this letter. My detailed resume is enclosed for your consideration.

You require a state-issued heavy-duty mechanic license holder who is competent in providing commendable services to your fleet of heavy-duty vehicles. I am a licensed heavy-duty mechanic, offering expertise in diagnostics, overhauling, servicing and repair of heavy-duty vehicles. My qualifications in correspondence to your job requirements includes:

• Demonstrated ability to overhaul, service, diagnose and repair diesel and heavy truck engines
• Sound record of consistently reducing the service turnaround time efficiently
• Proficiency in fine-tuning of the engine to attain an economic fuel consumption level
• Expert in fine-tuning, component alignment and exhaust systems repairing

Additionally, I strongly believe a meeting with me will convince you further that I am the very candidate you seek to fill in this vacant position.

I will call your office coming Thursday to schedule an interview. In the interim, should you have any queries regarding my background, please feel free to contact me at (005) 444-3333 or via email at samuel @ email .com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Samuel Drake

Enc. Resume