Photography Intern Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 31, 2018

An interview for the Photography Intern position cannot be taken with a pinch of salt.

It is serious business, and you have to prepare for it.

Here is a set to help you prepare for yours:



Photography Intern Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you choose to do photography?
I had loved photography since photographs took a week to develop! There is just something about capturing a moment forever that fascinates me no end. And I love all the aesthetics and creativity that goes into photography, and since I want to work in a position that offers both these, there is nothing better to start off than as a photography intern.

What do you expect to do as far as work is concerned if hired as a photography intern?
At this position, I hope to assist in setting up and breaking down photography equipment, such as cameras, lights, and props as the principal work. Apart from this, I hope to be handling a wide variety of tasks associated with photography, such as instructing clients / models to stand or sit in a certain way, explaining the mood of the setup to them, ensuring that sufficient light is made available, providing demonstrations, performing maintenance work on photography equipment, and assisting in touching up and developing photographs.

What do you have to offer to us in this role, which will convince us to hire you immediately?
I am not new to photography, despite not holding down a job in this capacity. I have learned a lot through a photography course that I had taken up, and a recent externship. My knowledge of using cameras and lights to handle a wide variety of photography projects is profound, and I always keep up with trends and advances in technology in this regard. In addition to this, I am an aesthetically blessed individual, who can visualize different scenarios, and handle work within themes. And I am quite good at managing both complex and simple photography equipment.

What is your favorite part of working as a photographer?
During the time that I had held the externship position, I discovered that I loved putting together complex photography sessions the most.

And what is your least favorite part?
To be honest, there is nothing that I do not like about photography. I enjoy each aspect of it tremendously.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Within the next 5 years, I hope to have gained enough experience and exposure to be able to work on projects that require me to travel to different parts of the world.