Insurance agents sell insurance policies to businesses and people. This may include life and general insurance depending on the individual’s need. People working at this capacity are required to possess strong persuasion power.

If you would like to apply for this position you will need to craft a cover letter and resume. In these times of tough competition and never-ending technology upgrades, cover letters that deliver, are made of all things vigorous and vivacious. No longer will you be put on a pedestal because your writing is considered “over the top”. Almost nothing is “over the top” now.

Cover letters for insurance agent resume have a higher mission than simply serving as wraps for resumes – those that are written to simply “cover” a resume, leave little hope for an applicant’s employment future. Being smart when writing a cover letter helps. Moving with the times helps more.

The following insurance agent cover letter sample may come in handy as an example when writing your own.


Insurance Agent Cover Letter Sample


1200 Creekview Drive
Houston, TX 66635

November 10, 2016

Mr. Stephen King
Manager HR
Jack and Jackson Insurance Co.
2222 Walnut Street
Houston, TX 85477


Dear Mr. King:

My outgoing personality, sales experience and familiarity with general Insurance policies makes me an excellent candidate for Insurance Agent position at Jack and Jackson Insurance Co.

Owing to my great attention to detail, strong marketing skills and ability to convince people, I excelled in selling insurance policies to both individuals and companies. I  possess exceptional talent for customizing insurance policies according to individual needs and also hold the expertise to manage each policy with precision. Please refer to the enclosed resume which contains detailed information of qualifications and experience.

As a detail-oriented Insurance Agent who possesses a successful track record of meeting insurance sales quotas, I will prove to be a good addition to your team. Endeavoring to discuss this further, I will call your office at the end of this week to ask for an appointment and will be available at (000) 966-8547 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ruby Clark

Enc. Resume