College Instructor Resume Sample

Updated on: March 23, 2021

Resumes for college instructor positions are as complicated to build as they look complicated! It is a wonder that anyone can ever get them right!

However, a perfect resume is not really a myth. The perfection of a resume lies in its ability to communicate the candidate’s potential, competencies, qualifications, and accomplishments to the prospective employer. A resume that can do all this is considered flawless.

You may write a flawless resume by using the format below.

Sample Resume for College Instructor Position

Karl Mason
5 Powder Horn Drive
Potomac, MD 18200
(000) 514-4754
karlmason @ email . com


Top-performing College Instructor with 15+ years’ track record of planning, organizing, and teaching in a manner that encourages development and curiosity in students. An approachable individual who is known for communicating concepts clearly and articulately.

• Proficient in developing syllabi that clearly outlines course requirements, rationale, goals, and objectives
• Committed to preparing class sessions and assignments that help students grasp course contents and integrate with overall student learning outcomes
• Unmatched ability to create a learning environment that encourages student involvement and participation
• Particularly effective in participating in the development and implementation of academic policies and guiding principles and functions in accordance with school philosophy

– Academic Advisory
– Lesson Planning
– Textbook Recommendation
– Evaluation Procedures
– Scholastic Record-Keeping
– Online Resources Research
– Professional Development
– Student Counseling


College Instructor
Santa Rosa College, Potomac, MD
3/2015 – Present
• Singlehandedly create approved school and subject policies from scratch, within the timeline provided
• Successfully administer student evaluation method – a one of its kind system that analyzed each student academically and cognitively
• Create syllabus for assigned courses and subject matters, in accordance with school regulations and policies
• Teach assigned course materials according to approved course outlines
• Coordinate efforts with program coordinators to develop and revise courses of study as required
• Prepare class sessions and assignments to assist students in comprehending concepts and course content
• Ascertain that a learning environment that is conducive to individual and group development and comprehension is effectively created

College Instructor
Community College, Potomac, MD
5/2005 – 3/2015
• Introduced the concept of remedial instruction, resulting in over 530 students reaching the 75% grade hallmark
• Set up a career counseling department, which resulted in easy student placement right after their graduation
• Documented students’ attendance, participation, and academic progress by grading assignments and tests
• Provided counseling and mentoring services to students in matters related to academic success and life goals
• Acted as an academic counselor by counseling students on courses, academic sequences and program selections
• Maintained student behavior and action in accordance with school policies and protocols

Astor High School, Potomac, MD
2/1999 – 5/2005
• Designed and developed lesson plans to meet the individual requirements of each student
• Imparted lessons to students and provided them with extra assistance where complicated concepts were concerned
• Administered tests and examinations and checked and graded them according to set school standards for grading
• Maintained student behavior within the classroom and ensured that any unruly students were reprimanded
• Performed research to devise educational materials to aid classroom instruction
• Evaluated students individually and created reports to reflect their performances

Master’s Degree in Education – 1998
Maryland State University, Potomac, MD