Karate/Martial Arts Instructor Resume Sample

Updated on: August 12, 2018

A karate instructor may be hired in schools or institutes that specifically teach karate. The work of a karate instructor is to ensure that the group of students assigned to him or her is trained in karate, and can meet their own goals, and those of the institute.

Writing a Karate/Martial Arts Instructor resume can seem complicated if you are not prepared with information that should go into it. What information? Have a look at the following resume sample to see:


Karate/Martial Arts Instructor Resume Sample



Rachel Lodge
782 Cooper Road, Florence, SC 52300
(000) 999-9999


Competent and qualified martial arts instructor with 12+ years’ extensive experience in planning, instructing and supervising specialized classes and programs to teach karate to participants of various age brackets. Highly skilled in providing guidance, organizing and instructing specialized recreation classes, and engaging participants so that they remain interested throughout the duration of the class.

• Implemented a series of karate programs to encourage preschoolers, resulting in a large number of registrations.
• Introduced safety protocols and procedures, thereby reducing on-campus accidents by a staggering 70%.
• Successfully taught 3 classes at the same time, of different levels, in the absence of two other karate instructor.
• Singlehandedly developed karate lesson plans which could be tweaked to meet the individual needs of each participant.


✓ Participant Motivation ✓ Plan Development ✓ Lesson Imparting
✓ Supervision ✓ Safety Protocols ✓ Emergency Intervention
✓ Relationship Building ✓ Practice Sessions ✓ Examinations
✓ One on One Assistance ✓ Records Keeping ✓ Equipment Handling


Karate Instructor
Victory Kids’ Sports, Florence, SC | 2013 – Present
• Engage participants in the conversation to determine their specific goals and their personalities.
• Create karate lesson plans to meet the individual needs of each participant, ensuring that their levels are kept in mind.
• Demonstrate techniques, and assist participants in perfecting their own techniques, at their own pace.
• Ensure that all participants are performing their routines in a safe manner, and provide assistance where safety has not been kept a priority.
• Monitor participants’ progress, and provide required interventions in cases where progress is not according to standards.
• Test participants at the end of the instruction period, and provide additional help where needed.
• Prepare participants for competitions, ensuring that they work on their forms and techniques.
• Create and maintain records of all participants and their progress, in an accurate and confidential manner.

Karate Instructor Assistant
YMCA, Florence, SC | 2007 – 2013
• Provided students with initial information on the sport of karate, as an introduction.
• Assisted instructors in lining up students, and explaining procedures to them.
• Ensured that all students perfected their routines according to the specifics taught by the instructor.
• Enforced safety rules and regulations, to ensure that accidents and injuries were minimized.
• Oversaw the cleanliness and maintenance of practice areas, to ensure student safety.

South Carolina State University, Florence, SC – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education



Karate/Martial Arts Instructor Qualifications

To work as a karate instructor, you do need formal education. A degree in physical education or a certification in teaching karate will go a long way in making you an eligible person to hire at this position.

Experience in handling students of different age groups and abilities is something that you will need when working in this position. Moreover, karate instructors need to be able to plan lessons according to the set curriculum and ensure that these lessons are properly imparted.

If you want to work as a karate instructor, you will need to be physically dexterous, and possess the ability to develop positive relationships with your students and peers. Ensuring that your lesson plans are developmentally appropriate is something that you will have to keep an eye out for. Moreover, you will need to possess the ability to promote participant/student wellness and engagement in accordance with the rules and regulations of the facility where you are working.

Karate Instructor Job Description

• Engage new participants in a conversation to determine their specific goals regarding learning karate.
• Provide new participants with initial information on karate techniques and how to ace them.
• Create developmentally appropriate lesson plans to teach karate techniques to students.
• Lead energizing, safe, and fun classes, ensuring that students remain engaged, and do not get bored.
• Impart karate education to students ensuring that a quality competitive environment is presented to them.
• Organize and coordinate karate team practices, and physical workouts, in sync with the original lesson plan.
• Set up and take down equipment required for karate practice, and ensure that it is put away in storage in a safe manner.
• Monitor students to ensure that they are following instructions properly, and make sure that extra help is provided where required.
• Enforce safety rules and regulations to prevent accidents and injuries, and ensure that all students follow them properly.
• Administer First Aid to students in cases of injuries or accidents, and ensure their safety and well-being throughout.
• Create and maintain records of all students and their progress in an accurate and confidential manner.