A thank you letter is a great opportunity for candidates to restate their interest in HR position and/or explain an answer that might be missed in interview. It is also a polite business norm that provides you a chance to highlight your most relevant skills once again.

Let us take the example of an interview thank you letter for an HR Assistant. Since HR positions are sensitive in nature, you need to make sure that you portray yourself as someone who is accustomed to handling the demands that this role churns out.


HR Interview Thank You Letter Sample

February 26, 2015


Mr. Kirk Wood
Manager Human Resources
Code Conduct Inc.
4729 Warehouse Road
Owensboro, KY 38011


Dear Mr. Wood:

Thank you for taking time to interview with me yesterday. Meeting with you convinced me that my skills as a Human Resources Assistant will allow me to excel in this role and contribute my efforts to your HR Department in a proactive manner.

Working at Code Conduct Inc. has been a dream of mine since I attended your company’s seminar in 2006 on the range of services that it has offered over the years. As I mentioned during the interview, I intend to work for a progressive company which is hands-on with both its services and customers. As far as human resource work is concerned, I possess exceptional abilities aimed at initiating and handling change effectively. Possessing high tolerance for ambiguity and the capability of mediating conflicts, I am positive that my candidacy will prove to be strongest. During interview, I was especially intrigued with your stance on unions and labor-management handling; I believe that we share the same ideas and can work together to take this ideology to new heights.

I anticipate that working with Code Conduct Inc. will be good experience. If you feel that there is any additional information that you require to expedite the second interview, please feel free to call me at (333) 333-3333.

Thank you again for your consideration.



Gary Homer

Gary Homer
491 Fulton Drive
Owensboro, KY 19376
Cellular: (010) 000-9999

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