PCA Thank You Letter After Interview

Updated on: January 26, 2022

Writing a letter to thank an interviewer is more than just a polite gesture.

It also serves an underlying purpose, and that is to give a prospective employer an eyeful of your abilities once more.

Companies receive hundreds of resumes and interview as many in a day, and it can become quite overwhelming for them to make hiring decisions.

However, if you write a thank you letter, you will get a chance to reiterate both your interest in the job and your skills for the job!

Thank you letters are a great way of connecting with an interviewer.

While there is no standard formula you need to follow when writing one, it is a good idea to begin the letter by thanking the interviewer for his time and then getting to the point – the reiteration part!

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Personal Care Assistant Thank You Letter After Interview

Kylie Binks
665 Cherry Drive
Reno, NV 28203
(000) 333-3333

January 26, 2022

Mr. Jack Nicholson
Human Resource Manager
Hemmingway Health Facility
6 Oakland Way
Reno, NV 29011

Dear Mr. Nicholson:

Thank you for your time and effort in interviewing me for the position of Personal Care Assistant at Hemmingway Health Facility last Friday. I enjoyed our conversation immensely, and look forward to working under your supervision.

Since I have had that very discerning one-on-one with you, I have been mentally calculating the various ways I can contribute to the facility in my role as a PCA. You mentioned during the interview that you are not only looking for an individual who has a background in the provision of auxiliary healthcare but also has excellent people skills. I would like to highlight the fact that I am an amalgamation of both – in one of my previous positions as a patient care assistant, I was highly commended on my ability to handle patients by exercising empathy and exceptional job knowledge.

My expertise lies in ROM (range of motion), respiratory assistance, and medical interventions all of which I have been specially trained in. I believe that the key to attaining self-satisfaction and success in a PCA’s role is to be empathetic and be willing to rise above adversities that are common in a healthcare environment.

Once again, I would like to thank you for this exciting opportunity. As discussed, I am enclosing a list of references. I will be available at (000) 333-3333 if you require any further information from me.

Sincere regards,

Kylie Binks

Enc. Resume and References

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