Entry Level HR Generalist Resume No Experience

Updated March 30, 2017

The phrase “entry level” can be quite discouraging for us especially when we are hoping to secure our very first job in human resources field. However, there is no need to be discouraged by this. Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are applying for an entry level job, you are beginning something extraordinary! Think of it this way – an entry level job is your best bet to learn something new, without the fear of being judged – if you cannot do something when expectations from you are high, there is a huge chance that you will be reprimanded. But when all a hiring manager expects you to do is your best, learning becomes fun!

And that is exactly what happens in an entry level HR Generalist job. When you begin preparing your resume for a position that you have no experience for, all you need to do is concentrate on the relevance of information. And the following entry level hr generalist resume format allows you to place usable information into your resume:


Entry Level HR Generalist Resume Sample (No Experience)



Sarah Middleton

2020 Fulton Lucas Road | Swanton, OH 28364
(000) 801-2014 | sarahmid @ email . com


“I am a team player who takes initiative and is passionate for results.”

Performance Profile

Highly enthusiastic, hardworking HR professional with extensive comprehension of devising and implementing human resource programs in a professional environment. Excellent work ethics and exceptional attention to detail. Able to solve problems by collecting and analyzing information and recommending viable courses of action.

Key Qualifications

• Proficient in administering compensation and benefit plans and assisting in talent acquisition and recruitment processes
• Adept at conducting employee onboarding activities and assisting in planning and implementing training and development metrics
• Qualified to promote human resource programs in a bid to create and efficient and conflict-free work environment
• Deep familiarity with maintaining employee files and records electronically and in paper form, placing special focus on integrity and confidentiality of information

Core Skills

✓ Data Analysis ✓ Staff Sourcing ✓ Records Management
✓ Payroll Development ✓ Induction Processes ✓ Counseling Services
✓ Performance Management ✓ Benefits Systems ✓ Communication



Ohio State University, Swanton, OH | 2016
Master of Business Administration
Major: Human Resources

✓ Human Relations ✓ Organizational Behavior
✓ Management Information Systems ✓ Business Ethics
✓ Human Resource Management ✓ Strategic Compensation
✓ International Business Management ✓ Leadership & Strategic Management


Academic Achievements

Ohio State University, Swanton, OH | 2013 – 2016
✓ Chosen out of 50 other applicants to represent the university at the Business Students’ Association, held in Cleveland, OH in 2014.
✓ Stood at the top in all subjects with a consistent 3.9 GPA during all semesters.

Work Experience

HR Intern
Mindshare, Swanton, OH | 2/2016 – 11/2016

• Provided support to hiring managers through recruitment processes, by assisting on writing and posting job adverts
• Handled full cycle payroll responsibilities, employee relations and recruitment administrative tasks
• Communicated HR policies and practices to new employees in a consistent and accurate manner
• Completed new employee verifications and monitored onboarding and induction activities
• Assisted in preparing and routing termination documentation and new employee contracts

Computer Skills

• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
• Email and Outlook

License Information

Current Ohio Driver’s License


Fluent English and Spanish

Superior references available

Category: HR