Product Development Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 29, 2017

When was the last time that someone told you that your cover letter was exceptionally well-written? Don’t remember?

Probably because it never happened! Not because your cover letter writing was at fault, but because the hiring manager probably needed something a little extra – or different. The trick to impress the hiring manager through your cover letter is to get to know what he or she wants. Once you are at the same level with a hiring manager’s wants and needs, you will be able to impress him (or her) straight into offering you the job of your dreams!

The anatomy of a cover letter is important. What comes first, how the middle will be managed, and how the ending is written, all becomes extremely important. Little things like your contact information (yes, cover letters can hold information such as telephone numbers and email addresses) matter. Here is a cover letter sample to help you:


Product Development Specialist Cover Letter Sample



March 29, 2017

Mr. Owen Wilson
Hiring Manager
Enoch Inc.
14 Lemon Peel Road
Cleveland, OH 02317


Dear Mr. Wilson:

Developing a new product for a company’s existing product line is no biggie for someone who has excelled many times in charting out the exact needs of a company’s customer base, and providing deep insight into developing new products, and building up on / improving existing ones. As someone who is not new to the colossal effort and thought that goes into overseeing products from conceptualization to maturity, my addition as a product development specialist to your team will be of great benefit to you.

Having repeatedly been credited with growing revenues (50% increase was seen in Atlas Corporation’s annual revenues due to my involvement in developing new products for the company last year), I am positive that I will not disappoint you. Managing both future and existing products, setting objectives and effectively reporting on progress is my niche. In addition to this, I have great experience in effectively defining products and programs, establishing milestones and objectives, and defining product visions, which I believe will benefit Enoch Inc. tremendously.

Aiming to secure a face to face meeting with you, I will call you at the end of the week to see if your calendar allows for an interview. If you would like to contact me before that, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Gina Davis
(000) 485-7485
ginadavis @ myemail. com