Entry Level HR Generalist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 28, 2022

A cover letter written for an entry-level position must never show that you are unconfident about anything.

On the contrary, it should be able to highlight you as someone who may not possess experience but is still not afraid of what is to come.

Showing that you are confident even though you must be aware of the many hurdles that will come your way because of your inexperience in a specific area, shows the strength of character – and candidature.

Forget all that you know about cover letter writing. Start afresh.

Make sure that you understand that cover letters are not designed to favor the most experienced of people out there.

Different types of cover letters can be written to tackle different situations – if you are writing one to acquire an entry-level position, you need to know that a confident tone will do wonders for your chances.


Below is how you can write a good hr generalist cover letter for an entry-level position:

Entry Level HR Generalist Cover Letter Example

Sandra Culling
(000) 854-9565
sandra @ email . com

August 28, 2022

Mr. Scott Bradley
Hiring Manager
Taylor and Francis Group
21 Starter Avenue
Swanton, OH 88736

Dear Mr. Bradley:

Appreciating just how difficult and challenging it is to work in the human resource department of an organization, I would like you to know that I am prepared for any trials that may come my way. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration (and a major in human resources) and a 3-month internship in the human resource department of Valmet Inc., I believe that I am now ready to provide the benefit of my knowledge to Taylor and Francis Group.

The internship position that I held at Valmet Inc. was indeed no walk in the park. The intensity of work that I was responsible for tells me that a real-time HR environment is much more to contend with – and I am ready for it. With my understanding of acting as a critical point of contact for employee benefits questions, and the ability to administer daily employee benefit plans and coordinate enrollment meetings, I am sure that I will prove to be an excellent choice to work as an HR generalist at your organization.

Some of the areas that you will find me most proficient in include:

  • Reviewing, conducting, and documenting employee-related investigations.
  • Administering exit interviews and developing HR training programs.
  • Recommending new approaches, policies, and procedures to ensure continual improvements in departmental efficiency.
  • Effectively communicating HR policies and procedures to both existing and new employees.

If you are looking for a “go-getter” as an HR generalist, you need to look no further! I will be in touch so that we can decide on a mutually convenient time for us to meet in person. If required, please contact me at (000) 147-8521.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sandra Culling

Attachment: Resume