Human Resources Generalist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 21, 2018

A cover letter for HR Generalist position should be well-drafted to impress the recruiter that you possess the skills required for this position.

If you cannot motivate the recruiter, it is evident that you cannot motivate the staff at work and hence are not suitable.

You can use visual design features like charts and graphs to show specific trends of any improvement you have brought to your employers in the past because these features have a high impact and catch the attention of the reader instantly.



HR Generalist Cover Letter Sample



Nathan Talovsky

787 Coup Town, St # 08 Lafayette, LA 64577
(000) 123-1234, nathan.12 @ email . com

March 28, 2018

Ms. Pamela McClain, Senior Recruiter
2137 South Blvd #200
Charlotte, NC 28203


Dear Ms. McClain:

I am sending my resume to apply for the position of HR Generalist at AccruePartners, which was posted on LinkedIn by Mr. Luther Hardings.

As you can see in my resume, I possess over 6 years of experience working as an HR professional at two renowned companies in the US, which according to your job requirements, are two most important points.

My qualifications are the exact match to your job description:

• Capable of carrying out the recruitment process efficiently while maintaining quality standard.

Evidence: Screened 1500 resumes, Interviewed 500 candidates and hired 150 from this pool for the new call center set up at ABC Company in only 25 days.

• Able to consistently draft new and improve HR policies and procedures to boost staff motivation.

Evidence: With new and improved policies and procedures and resolving all staff related issues, increased employee motivation which resulted in increased retention percentages over the years that I worked at ABC Company.

• Proficient in executing useful employee performance evaluations and subsequent performance based appraisals

Evidence: Performed employee evaluation process and assessments on a quarterly basis under the supervision of the HR manager at Emerson Network Power Inc.

With my passion for human resources work, superb management skills and the urge for performing with quality, I would be able to contribute to your HR Department efficiently.

Thank you very much for your consideration. My number is below, and I am just a call away.


Best regards,


Nathan Talovsky

(000) 123-1234

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