Housekeeping Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: January 30, 2022

Your resume for housekeeping assistant position is a reflection of your personal and professional personality, and you cannot afford to portray yourself as anything less than perfect.

Applying for a job is a serious thing, and you have to make sure that you do not fall short of anything.

It is no wonder that the resume is considered such an important document – it is all-inclusive.

A housekeeping assistant is a detailed document that tells an employer that the person being talked about is the person to hire.

Take a look at the following resume sample for a housekeeping assistant to help you understand the fundamentals:

Housekeeping Assistant Resume Example

Carey Fisher
450 E Highland Drive
Williston, ND 22801
(000) 999-9999


Physically dexterous, mentally alert and completely dedicated individual who has a strong background in leading housekeeping activities within the hospitality industry. Solid knowledge of handling staff schedules and overseeing cleaning and maintenance duties to ensure proper guest satisfaction. Verifiable track record of overseeing cleaning and maintenance work under guidance from housekeeping management.


Housekeeping Assistant
(7/2016 – Present)
• Assist head housekeeper in creating staff schedules according to each member’s capabilities
• Distribute schedules to staff members and provide them with information on how to handle each duty
• Over the general cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel by inspecting each area in detail
• Collect trash from rooms and offices and disposed of in the right manner
• Perform cleaning activities including dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming
• Clean spills and soiled areas and ensure that each surface within the hotel in sanitized
• Train housekeeping staff members in safely mixing and using cleaning agents
• Interview, hire and train new members of the housekeeping team and ensure that they understand compliance issues thoroughly
• Maintain work and storage areas by ensuring that they are kept neat and cleaned as often as possible
• Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment and ensure that supplies are procured before they run low
Key Achievements
• Conducted 10 workshops on COSHH (control of substance hazardous to health) to provide awareness to the newly hired housekeeping staff.
• Reined in a grueling cleaning activity spanning 13 straight hours at work and became successful in finishing off before the opening of the new wing.
• Reduced cost of cleaning materials by 70% by buying in bulk from a local suppliers.
• Streamlined purchasing activities by introducing the concept of “monthly purchase lists” and sending them to vendors on the same date each month.

HYATT, Williston, ND
(2/2011 – 7/2016)
• Swept and mopped floors using predesignated cleaning equipment such as brooms and mops
• Cleaned surfaces such as counters and tables and vacuumed carpets in guest rooms and lobby areas
• Washed windows, dusted blinds and ensured that window sills are cleaned properly
• Made beds, changed linen and washed and sanitized bathrooms
• Cleaned spills and soiled areas and ensured that all dirty linen is transported to the laundry area
• Maintained housekeeping carts by ensuring that they are fully loaded and equipped for cleaning and sanitizing purposes
• Polished floors and furniture and assisted in moving furniture between rooms


– Sanitation
– Preventative maintenance
– Customer service
– Supervision
– Health and safety
– Safe chemical use
– Staff scheduling
– Event management support
– Aseptic cleaning
– Inventory control
– Sipplies Procurement