Transportation Dispatcher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 21, 2018

Are you freaking out because you are about to apply for a transportation dispatcher job and it is that dreaded cover letter writing time again?

Yes, on the face of it, it does seem as if cover letters are not less scary than Freddy Kruger but seriously, they are easy to write. Don’t get huffed yet – read on to find how you can write a cover letter quickly and efficiently.

The reason cover letters seem scary is the fact that we as writers tend to confuse ourselves. It is our fault, but it is nothing that we cannot rectify. Writing a cover letter is a form of art and should not be taken as something technical. Knock on the door to your artistic side and let the words flow. If you feel that the words are not coming, take ideas from other people’s writing samples.

If you understand that cover letters are not what they used to be, you will be able to do this quickly. Gone are the days when you had to write unappealing cover letters that show nothing but the fact that you are rigid and boring.

Cover letters of the present (and future) are written with a little sense of humor and a lot of creativity. But sometimes, we need a sample or two to help us get started, even if we are great at writing cover letters.

So here is one cover letter sample for a transportation dispatcher position that you can use:


Transportation Dispatcher Cover Letter Sample


Jason Mannings
325 5th Street
Spring, TX 20210
(000) 888-3434

April 21, 2018

Ms. Yosemite Lee
Manager Human Resources
Pro Dispatch
610 Pines Street
Spring, TX 21220


Dear Ms. Lee:

There is no substitute for experience and skills when working in an industry that runs on progressive management – like the trucking industry. And knowledge and skills are two attributes that I offer you as a Truck Dispatcher at Pro Dispatch.

My work style strongly emphasizes teamwork and relationship building founded upon clear communication and expectations. If brought onboard as a member of the truck dispatching team, I will be able to provide your company with the benefit of the following:

• Special talent for charting out and communicating most efficient and economical routes for deliveries and pickups.

• Proficient in directing schedules of shipments and integrating new orders and requests into existing schedules.

• Adept at identifying communication errors between logistics and sales departments and customers to ensure smooth operations and high customer satisfaction.

After reviewing my resume, you will note a progressive career growth in this arena. What it cannot illustrate, however, is the degree of professionalism, resourcefulness, and dedication that I offer as an employee. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you in the near future and can be contacted at (000) 888-3434.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jason Mannings

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