Housekeeping Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: January 31, 2022

The housekeeping industry employs the best people that they can find for one reason only – guest satisfaction.

Every person in the hierarchy is scrutinized thoroughly before he or she is hired.

The same goes for housekeeping assistants. Since they are in a position of extreme responsibility, they are not only tested on their knowledge of housekeeping but also on their leadership skills.

Position Overview

Technically, housekeeping assistants help head housekeepers in overseeing housekeeping staff and making sure that they work properly and on time.

They help in creating schedules for housekeeping staff and ensure that every section of the hotel or facility that they represent is covered.

During times of high volume work, they also perform housekeeping duties themselves.

A major part of their work is to handle inventories of supplies and ensure that procurement activities are managed on time.

One of the main duties of a housekeeping assistant is to inspect all areas to determine that cleaning work has been carried out properly.

They also help event organizers in organizing events and parties on the hotel premises, by providing logistical cleaning and maintenance support.

Another major part of working as a housekeeping assistant is participating in staff training and evaluating the standards of housekeeping services that are being delivered.

The following is a list of typical housekeeping assistant duties:

Job Description for Housekeeping Assistant Resume

• Create individual schedules for each housekeeping staff member, in accordance with his or her specific abilities.
• Provide staff members with training in handling housekeeping work by physically demonstrating complex tasks.
• Inspect lobbies, rooms, halls, and offices to determine levels of cleanliness and provide feedback to the housekeeping staff.
• Assist in interviewing, choosing, hiring, and training housekeeping staff to ensure delivery of high-standard services.
• Provide staff members with training in health and safety while working in a hospitality environment.
• Participate in the evaluation of standards and ensure that all compliance issues are resolved.
• Take and address the guests’ complaints and suggestions and ensure that they are provided with the best in services.
• During high volume days, provide assistance in cleaning rooms and bathrooms and making beds.
• Ensure that trash is timely removed from each room, office, and public areas and disposed of appropriately.
• Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and coordinate efforts with procurement officers to ensure that there isn’t a dearth of supplies at any time.
• Create and maintain records of housekeeping staff members and ensure that absent staff members’ positions are filled out immediately.