House Sitter Job Description Sample

Updated on: April 19, 2018

Leaving your house at the mercy of vandals and thieves in these days of crime and undependability is a crime itself. If you are going away for a period of time, it is best to ask for the services of a trusted house sitter.

Many companies hire house sitters and then deploy them to their clients.

Hiring a house sitter through a company is a better idea as there will be someone to vouch for them. However, if you know of a trustworthy person who can house sit for you, you are in luck!

Position Overview

So what does a house sitter actually do?

While the homeowners are away, a house sitter occupies their house and makes sure that it is secure until they return.

Giving a house the feeling of being inhabited averts possible robberies, which is the main reason why people opt to hire house sitters. But looking after unoccupied houses is not all that house sitters do.

They also make sure that the house is kept clean, utility bills are paid and that house pets are fed and groomed.

House Sitter Job Description Sample

• Take and write down specific instructions from homeowners about handling the house in their absence

• Ascertain appropriate lockdown services at the end of the day by securing windows and doors

• Perform light cleaning and maintenance activities such as sweeping and mopping and changing bulbs

• Handle light grounds keeping duties including mowing and watering

• Tend to indoor plants by watering them upon instructions provided and moving them in and out of sunlight

• Set up alarm and security systems and monitor footage to determine if any nefarious activity is being carried out

• Pay utility bills upon homeowners’ instructions and ensure that any important mail is forwarded to them

• Answer telephones and doorbells and provide information regarding homeowners’ whereabouts and return, keeping confidentiality in mind

• Feed, groom and bathe house pets and take them to veterinary doctors for their vaccinations

• Change linens prior to the return of homeowners and ensure that laundry is handled on time

• Cook food (for self) and for homeowners on the day that they are due to return

• Ascertain that all kitchen and household appliances are in good working order and oversee/perform maintenance and repair work