Housekeeping Aide Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 7, 2016

Housekeeping aides work in hospitals, hotels, and office and residential buildings, where their main responsibility is to respond to guests’ / visitors’ / residents’ housekeeping requirements. They report directly to the housekeeping manager and take their orders from them on a daily basis. The main idea behind hiring a housekeeping aide is to ensure that the cleaning and laundry needs of a facility are effectively handled.


To be eligible to work as a housekeeping aide, one has to possess a high school diploma or an equivalent, along with exceptional customer service skills. Since many housekeeping aides are in direct contact with guests or visitors, it is important for them to be polite and ensure satisfaction at every point. If you are applying for a housekeeping aide position, you may need to be well-versed in cleaning and washing activities. You will also have to be physically dexterous as you will be required to perform a lot of physically tiring work. You may be working on a regular schedule or a rotating shift, depending on your specific commission.

Knowledge of sanitation techniques and pathogen control is of utmost importance in the role of a housekeeping aide, as they often have to handle dangerous cleaning chemicals and solutions. If you are interested in preparing your resume for a housekeeping aide position, you might want to look through the following list of duties:

Sample Job Description for Housekeeping Aide Resume

• Take and follow orders for daily housekeeping chores from the housekeeping manager
• Clean surfaces such as floors in kitchens, rooms and hallways by performing sweeping and mopping duties
• Mix cleaning agents and apply them on surfaces such as floors and counters and ensure that they are properly wiped down
• Perform preventative infection control procedures through effective sanitation of all surfaces and furniture
• Dust and polish furniture and fittings and ensured that they are properly restored according to provided instructions
• Interact with patients, visitors and guests to determine their needs and attempt to fulfil them immediately
• Change bedsheets and ensure that all soiled or dirty linen including towels and napkins are transported to the laundry
• Anticipate the needs of patients and guests and provide them with information regarding facility policies and procedures
• Empty trash baskets and clean ashtrays and ensure that appropriate trash removal activities are carried out
• Ascertain that storage areas are properly stocked and kept clean and tidy at all times
• Clean and shampoo rugs and carpets and ensure that all drapes are vacuumed and washed properly
• Wash windows, walls and bathrooms and ensure that appropriate sanitation procedures are carried out