Housekeeping Inspector Job Description

Updated on: June 12, 2018

Position Overview

Technically, a housekeeping inspector is an individual who oversees the work of housekeeping staff members in settings such as hospitals and hotels.

They are hired specifically to ensure that all housekeeping work that has been performed is up to standards, and that staff members understand the importance of the meeting, or better, exceeding standards.

Eligibility Criteria

Formal education is not a requirement to work as a housekeeping inspector.

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work at this position.

However, you have to have previous experience of working in a housekeeping capacity, as you will generally be working in a supervisory role. It will be your responsibility to make sure that all housekeeping tasks are performed according to schedule, and per set standards.

While working as a housekeeping inspector, you will be responsible for ensuring that guests or patients are satisfied with the housekeeping services provided to them. In some instances, it will also be your responsibility to obtain opinions and feedback from guests to ensure that the right standard for service is being delivered.

To work as a housekeeping inspector, it is imperative that you possess exceptional leadership skills. Organizational abilities and a great sense of time management are critical while working in this position. If you feel that you own all these abilities and skills, you may go through the following list of duties particular to this position:

Housekeeping Inspector Job Description

• Create schedules for all housekeeping staff members, and provide them with information on how to manage them.

• Develop and implement work orders, ensuring that housekeeping staff follows and completes them promptly.

• Provide training to housekeeping staff members, to make them aware of the different ways of handling tasks.

• Give mentorship and assistance to staff members, to ensure that they deliver high-quality services.

• Oversee the work of all housekeeping staff members, and provide support where required.

• Inspect each room, bathroom, hallway, and office, to ensure that high standards of housekeeping are adhered to.

• Determine issues with housekeeping efforts, and provide staff members with feedback regarding quality management.

• Create, develop, and implement health and safety precautions programs, aimed at protecting people, guest property, and the hotel in general.

• Identify security concerns, and report any damages, theft, or found articles to the management.

• Monitor the performance of all housekeeping staff members, after performing evaluations and assessments.

• Document all inspection work performed within a day, ensuring that pre-established documentation processes are followed.