Hotel Sales Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 20, 2019

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Position Overview

The main task of a hotel sales manager is to increase the number of guests by providing them exceptional services. Hotel sales managers generate revenue by contacting potential guests from within the country and from other parts of the world.


They meet with clients, specifically corporate ones so that they can arrange deals with them and attract them to the hotel that they represent in hopes of generating revenue.

Hotel sales managers work closely with sales managers to chart out strategies to increase a hotel’s room sales.

Additionally, they seek out possible clients in churches, family reunions, and traveling executives and provide them with enticing deals that they cannot refuse.

By working with companies or other large groups, they ensure repeat business opportunities from the same client. It is also the responsibility of a hotel sales manager to up-sell a hotel’s services to existing guests. This may include providing them with dining options or asking them to join clubs such as swimming or gym rooms.



Education and Skills

The prerequisites for working as a hotel sales manager includes possessing a bachelor’s degree in business and having good customer service skills.

On a typical work day, a hotel sales manager perform some (or all) of the following duties:

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Hotel Sales Manager Job Description for Resume

• Solicit new clients and convert them into guests for the hotel.

• Contact existing contacts and provide them with information on new hotel services and deals.

• Create and maintain liaison with large groups such as church members, camping groups and companies with a view to prospecting them.

• Coordinate efforts with sales personnel to understand and execute effective sales programs.

• Up-sell hotel’s services such as swimming club and gym membership and dining services.

• Contact companies and provide them with bulk deals and offers for their employees.

• Develop and present service images at travel and tourism trade shows.

• Prepare and deliver sales proposals for corporate clients.

• Provide front desk with booking information of groups solicited from sales activities.

• Create and implement proactive room and services sales strategies.

• Stay on top of rate management and yield efforts by keeping abreast of competition and trends.

• Hire and train staff to execute hotel sales strategies.

• Establish lists of untapped organizations, associations, and corporate businesses.

• Conduct hotel tours for new or prospective clients with the aim of developing and nurturing their interest in the hotel and its services.

• Indulge in rate negotiation with clients and settle on predetermined rate charted out by hotel management.

• Follow up on guests to derive repeat business.

• Listen to guests’ complaints and address them according to the rules set by the hotel management.