Hotel Sales Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 2, 2018

Position Overview

Building a strong customer base is the core need of any business especially that of a hotel where customers are everything. Hotel sales managers work towards this goal specifically – to build customer loyalty at all times.

Hotel sales managers are trained to bring in corporate and individual customers for several events or just as residents. They contact different accounts and solicit business from them.

The following cover letter sample for hotel sales manager resume will help you build a compelling job application package for this position.


Hotel Sales Manager Cover Letter Example


466 Davis Street
Springfield, VT 68999

April 2, 2018

Mr. Anthony Mannings
Manager Human Resources
829 Kennedy Drive
Springfield, VT 63893


Dear Mr. Mannings:

It is with absolute excitement that I am applying for the position of Hotel Sales Manager at Hyatt. My experience in hotel sales and customer service field makes me just the right candidate for this position.

I have always been able to meet or exceed the given sales targets – it is with great pride that I put this information on the table. My pool of talents includes a great ability to promote the hotel’s visibility through active industry association involvement and capability of managing sales campaigns that work.

Moreover, I can use my presentation and proposal writing skills to close business deals in an effective and time efficient manner. My leadership wisdom helps me working well when overseeing the sales activities of staff and ensure that each representative meets his individual goals and those of the company’s.

My talents are best described in person which is why I believe that a personal meeting will be a good option. I am available for an interview during the morning hours and can be contacted at (000) 574-2514. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Andy Earhart

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