Hotel Sales Coordinator Job Description

Updated on: June 24, 2018

One of the most critical jobs in the hospitality industry is that of a hotel sales coordinator.

They are responsible for making sure that the hotel which she or he is representing, is provided with great sales opportunities, through both existing, and new clients.

The work is highly challenging and requires great insight into handling service sales, in a hospitality capacity.

Typically, a sales background is required by employers wishing to hire hotel sales coordinators. A degree in business, with a major in hospitality, will go a long way in making you a great contender for this position. Previous experience in this regard will also be deemed as “perfection” in a candidate.

Apart from educational background and experience, you have to possess a specific type of personality to be able to do justice to this job. Since you will be in constant contact with people, it is essential that your communication and interpersonal skills are exceptional. Moreover, you will need to be highly skilled in handling sales work – convincing people to buy a product is difficult, but convincing them to buy a service is even more so!

As a hotel sales coordinator, you have to possess exceptional skills in reaching out to people and providing them with core information on what the hotel offers, and how it is beneficial for them. Here is a glimpse into what a person working in this position has to do on any typical day at work:

Job Description for Hotel Sales Coordinator Resume

• Look through prospective clients’ list, and develop strategies to reach out to them through different communication means.

• Work with hotel sales officers to reach out to prospects through the telephone, and email.

• Perform telemarketing activities to provide prospective clients with information on the hotel’s services.

• Contact existing clients to keep them aware of new services, and augmentations to their accounts.

• Assist clients with the reservation process, ensuring that all goes smoothly, and following clients’ plans.

• Represent the hotel at trade shows and fairs, by providing interested people with glimpses of the services and facilities.

• Serve as a sole point of initial contact for new clients, and communicate with them through the telephone and email, to respond to their queries.

• Gather materials, and assemble kits such as information packages, to educate clients about services offered at the hotel.

• Create and submit reports of sales work, and sales generated, ensuring that all targets are effectively met.