Hotel Sales Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 20, 2019

Hotel Sales Manager Interview Page ImageWhen you are due to appear for an interview for a sales position, you should be well primed for what’s in store for you.

An interview for a hotel sales manager position will test your customer services skills and your sales acumen. Therefore, you will need to stress on both when readying yourself.


Thoroughly studying the job description will give you a solid base to prepare your Hotel Sales Manager interview on.

Once you know at least some of what is expected from you, no one can stop you from success.

It takes a lot of effort to get to the interview stage. Remember the extreme hard work you put in writing your hotel sales manager resume and hotel sales manager cover letter.

Therefore, you must be confident that you will ace the interview.



Hotel Sales Manager Interview Questions and Answers

What, in your opinion, are the duties associated with the role of a hotel sales manager?

A hotel sales manager is primarily responsible for enhancing hotel sales by attracting more bookings. There are specific weekly, monthly, and annual targets they are required to meet and exceed.

What makes you believe that a hotel sales manager’s job is something that you can be successful at?

I have had ten years of experience in the sales arena. I began working as a guest relations officer for Curo Resorts ten years ago and have come a long way since then. My gradual ascent from an entry-level guest relations officer position to a sales manager one has taught me much in terms of prospecting and handling prospects and converting them into guests.

What are your main strengths as a hotel sales manager?

My strengths as a hotel sales manager include effective negotiation skills, personnel management, and convincing power. I am a strong leader who is highly capable of keeping the sales team motivated, which results in overall enhanced efficiency of my department.

Describe a typical weekend at a hotel. How do you make “hay while the sun shines” during the weekend?

Weekends are hectic times of the week. Guests flock from all over the country and sometimes from another country. Hotel patrons come in to take advantage of hotel facilities such as swimming and sports. It is a hub of people!

But this hub becomes a great prospect as far as sales are concerned. Guests are more open to conversation (after a long week of arduous work, they are in a relaxed state of mind) and sales personnel can make their pitches successfully.

I am a great conversationalist, and I use this ability to chat with guests and determine their plans so that I can add to them by offering activities and room deals at the hotel.

Please describe your sales pitching methods briefly.

I have lists of untapped companies and individuals which I primarily use to contact new prospects. I use a variety of methods, including cold calling and emailing.

Additionally, I remain in constant contact with clients who have stayed at the hotel a few times and keep informing them of room deals that they can take advantage of. I am a constant at all tourism and travel trade shows that take place in the state to represent my hotel.

How would you handle a situation in which a guest complained that he did not get what was promised to him?

I have been trained along the lines of “the customer is always right.” However, I analyze situations such as these before I give customers this benefit. If there has been miscommunication from my end, I will, of course, provide him with what he believed he was promised. I usually try to come to an agreement that benefits both parties.

Give me an example where an initiative you took improved the situation?

Back in 2018, when I was working for a four-star chain, we suddenly saw a decline in booking due to enhanced competition. I suggested lowering our rates and initiated a renovation project which, when executed, uplifted the business massively and covered the renovation expenses in less than a month.

What are the common challenges faced by a hotel sales manager?

A new competition with better rates and a seasonal decline in clientele are two major challenges a hotel sales manager faces.

Have you ever organized a promotional campaign? What was the outcome?

I have organized successful promotional campaigns several times. The latest campaign I organized was for Alpine resorts. As they renovated the guest area, I contacted all our previous clients and prospective customers to invite them to the promotional event.

Proper local advertisement supported by advertisement on social media generated an excellent turnover, and we attracted a lot of business, exceeding the targets by far.

What leadership strategies do you apply while dealing with your sales team?

Proper delegation of work coupled with an incentive-based approach is what pays off best. I set clear targets for each individual as well as targets to be achieved as a team and hold each individual responsible for the assigned task. Setting small incentives for each milestone achieved also works very well, and I do that often.

How would you rate your convincing skills? Give me an example where you persuaded a client on a deal they were reluctant to accept?

I would say a ten on ten. I am good at persuading people. When I joined Regalia in 2008, the management told me that a regular client who used to book 60% suites each year for their annual conference is not booking this year. I met the client and presented them with all the new attractions while offering them attractive discounted packages and honoring them as our most valued customers which finally led them to change their mind.