Hotel Sales Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 24, 2018

You have to go through many struggles to get to the interview stage.

And once you are at this stage, you have to give it your best shot.

The following set of interview questions and answers for a hotel sales coordinator position will help you prepare for your interview:



Hotel Sales Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you opt to work in a hotel sales coordinator capacity?
I wanted to work in the hospitality industry, and since sales were my forte, I ended up picking up a sales job at a hotel five years ago. Since then, I have been gradually making my way up in hotel sales.

What duties have you performed in the position of a hotel sales coordinator in the past?
As a hotel sales coordinator, I have been busy performing client prospecting activities, handling incoming calls to respond to inquiries, contacting existing and new clients to provide them with information on the hotel’s services, leading them through reservation processes, representing the hotel at trade fairs and shows, and creating and submitting reports regarding sales activities.

In your opinion, what skills does one need to work as a hotel sales coordinator?
Selling a service requires consummate skills in handling clients so that they understand, and appreciate what you are trying to sell. Exceptional communication skills – both written and verbal – the ability to customize service packages according to clients’ wishes and budgets, knowledge of creating sales strategies and implementing them according to set standards, and expertise in retaining clients are all required when working as a hotel sales coordinator.

How do you handle the pressure of meeting sales goals?
I am an exceptionally well-organized individual, who knows how to prioritize his work. I agree that the pressure of looming deadlines is there, but since I preplan everything, I am always able to meet deadlines assigned to me.

What has been your toughest work assignment till now?
2 years ago, I was asked by my manager to bring onboard a corporate client, who was quite satisfied with the services that he was getting at a top-notch hotel. It was a challenging thing to convince him that our hotel offered the same services, at lower rates. It took me five months to do this, but I managed to obtain his business.

Where do you see yourself three years from now?
Within the next three years, I hope to have become the head of the sales department, with a team of my own to lead.