Bellman Resume (Cover Letter, Summary, Objective)

Updated on: February 12, 2021

Convincing the hiring manager to hire you as a bellman is important when you write a resume and cover letter.

Since these job application documents will highlight your suitability to work as a bellman, you have to make them a solid read.

In your resume and cover letter, you should focus on your ability to greet guests in a positive manner while assisting them with their luggage.

Bellman Resume Writing Tips

A bellman’s resume needs to show that the applicant has a passion to provide frontend services to guests.

Knowledge of picking and transporting luggage, and ensuring that it is handled with care should also be highlighted in the resume.

Your qualifications and achievements in a bellman position must be emphasized in your resume.

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Bellman Resume Sample

Frank Bolster
901 Derry Road, Santa Fe, NM67021
(000) 967-3125


Highly ambitious bellman with excellent customer service and communication skills. Exceptional knowledge greeting and assisting guests while ensuring front desk support. Able to provide guests and visitors with information on the hotel’s facilities, and assisting them in choosing entertainment avenues. Actively acquaint guests with their rooms and in-room facilities.

Guest Greeting | Valet Assistance
Guest Escorting | Luggage Assistance
Registration Coordination | PABX Operations
Guest Interaction | Complaint Handling
Rooming Support | Message Delivery
Transportation Arrangement | Lost and Found Assistance


Dayton Inn, Santa Fe, NM

• Greet guests as they arrive at the hotel
• Inquire into their luggage assistance requirements
• Pick up guests’ luggage, and place it on trolleys
• Escort guests to the front desk area, and provide them with the required information
• Assist guests in checking into the hotel by providing instructions
• Inform guests about in-hotel services and activities
• Lead guests to their rooms, and help them settle in
• Place guests’ luggage in the right places within their room

Key Achievements
• Singlehandedly managed bellman duties for 50 guests in one day, on a particularly busy day at the hotel
• Retained a dissatisfied guest, by providing her with excellent frontend services
• Successfully handled PABX operations for a week, in the absence of a telephone operator

Hospitality Aide
Millard’s Inn, Santa Fe, NM

• Welcomed guests and visitors, and escorted them to the reception area
• Arranged for bellmen to be present during check-in and check-out times
• Assisted in loading luggage onto trolleys
• Provided guests with information on hotel facilities and protocols
• Ensured the cleanliness and maintenance of lobby areas
• Ensured that luggage in transit was never left unattended
• Responded to guests’ inquires and complaints

High School Diploma
St. James High School, Santa Fe, MN – 2009

Cover Letter Writing Tips for Bellman

Guest satisfaction should be the main aim of a bellman. If you want to work as one, your cover letter should effectively depict that you possess the capacity to work on your feet during most of your shift.

Also, your expertise in effectively handling guest luggage on arrival and departure is most important to put into your cover letter.

Basically, you have to convince the hiring manager that your candidature is the best out of the pool of people who have applied for a bellman position.

Bellman Cover Letter Sample

Liam Dinklage
(000) 642-3636
[email protected]

February 12, 2021

Ms. Jade Hope
Human Resources Manager
The Hyatt
121 Cut Street NE
Hobbs, NM67021

Dear Ms. Hope:

Working as a bellman at The Hyatt has been a dream job since I began my career in hospitality. Seeing your advertisement for one, I could not contain my excitement, which is why I decided to try my luck. I offer the enclosed resume for your review so that you can gauge my suitability to work as a bellman at your hotel.

I have worked as a bellman for 3 years, where my efforts are highly appreciated by guests and supervisors. Typically, my work duties included greeting guests, and ensuring excellent services throughout their stay at the hotel. Being well-versed in guest services, I am usually the choice to assist important guests when they arrive at the hotel.

Particularly, I possess the following qualifications:

  • Safely and efficiently handling guests’ luggage
  • Helping guests check-in and check-out without any issues
  • Responding to guests’ queries regarding in-hotel entertainment
  • Ensuring consistent cleanliness and maintenance of all assigned hotel areas

I am positive that there isn’t a more profound profile for a bellman than mine, which is why I want to meet with you to further emphasize my suitability.

Thank you for the time that you took out of your busy schedule to look through my application. I anticipate a meeting with you very soon.


Liam Dinklage

Bellman Resume Objective and Summary Guidance

When you apply for a bellman position, it is important to focus on how you will present the objective or summary statement.

This statement should highlight your skills in a bellman role primarily.

You should focus on making your resume objective attractive enough for the hiring manager to sit up and take notice.

Write a resume summary statement when you have lots of experience in hand. Alternately, you may use an objective if you have no experience in hand or changing your career path.

Top 3 Bellman Resume Summary Examples

1. Passionate and customer-service-oriented Bellman with 5 years of hands-on experience in assisting guests with their luggage while ensuring that they are carefully run through check-in procedures. Excited at the prospect of working at a high-end hotel, by employing knowledge of excellent guest service provision. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

2. Uniquely qualified Bellman with 11 years of successful track record in the hospitality industry. Documented success in ensuring guest satisfaction and repeat business opportunities. Unmatched ability to learn new guest service directives, and apply them correctly in a busy hospitality environment.

3 Resourceful and organized individual with 2+ years of a solid track record of working as a Bellman. Demonstrated ability to apply my customer service and communication skills in a profound manner. Exceptionally talented in greeting guests as they arrive, and assisting them with their luggage, and queries.

Top 5 Objective Examples for Bellman Resume

1. Interested in working as a Bellman at The Inn. Offering the ability to greet and welcome guests proactively to enhance the image of the establishment.

2. Seeking a Bellman position at The Hyatt, employing knowledge of escorting arriving and departing guests in a friendly and courteous manner to increase customer base.

3. Anticipating working as part of a well-balanced team of ABC Hotel as a Bellman to ensure consistent guest satisfaction by applying competencies in assisting with luggage, and facilitating room moves.

4. To work as a Bellman at Hilton Towers. Offering deep familiarity with picking up and delivering luggage to guest rooms, updating mater keys, and assisting front desks during busy periods.

5. Competent Bellman with over 2 years of experience working in high-end hospitality environments. Presently seeking a position at the Holiday Inn Express NY City.

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